Boracay Accommodation: Hospitality With a Tropical Flavor

Boracay Accommodation: Hospitality With a Tropical Flavor

A world-renowned vacation place, Boracay Island is always teeming with people who want to unwind or those looking for the hippest party around.

With the many things you can do on the island, this favorite holiday getaway attracts a diverse crowd from different parts of the world. Fortunately, Boracay accommodations are equally various, offering many options for those of different tastes and with different budgets. From small, austere rooms to large elaborate bungalows, this tropical paradise has a place for you.

For the Budget-Friendly

If you’re on a budget and just looking for a place to sleep and store your bags, there are several places in which you can stay without breaking the bank. Budget-friendly accommodation on the island can be found at an amazingly low price of Php2,500, sometimes even lower. Equally impressive, and as a testament to the Philippines’s “connectedness,” most of these budget hotels and accommodations offer Wi-Fi connectivity so you can check your emails and browse the Internet on your mobile devices when you’re not diving or strolling on the white-sand beach. You have the option to choose from a dorm-type room, fan room, or air-conditioned room, which all come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. Worth checking out are Faith Village Resort and Dormitory, Boracay Sunset Beach Resort, and Coco Rimas St. Vincent Resort.

For the Middle Budget

The island’s middle budget resorts and hotels are par for the course for a world-class tropical island like Boracay. Due to the high-end facilities and accommodations they offer, these places are experiences in themselves. Prices for these accommodations range from Php2,500 – Php5,000. They are your recourse when you suddenly feel the need for modern-city conveniences or a reprieve from the hot sun. Most of them are also located on the beachfront; one of them, The Tides Boracay, is even placed strategically within the island’s outdoor mall, D’Mall. Some of the island’s well-known names include Boracay Champ Resort and Hangin Kite Resort (Bulabog).

For the Luxury Budget

Finally, for the ultimate Boracay island experience, nothing beats having the beach all to yourself. Combining a luxury resort’s comforts with the joys of private access to the beach, private hotels like Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa, The Panoly Resort, and Nami Resort are considered top-of-the-line. They’re perfect for a romantic getaway or spending quality time with family. Of course, this exclusivity comes at a price, coming in at a minimum of Php5,000. Once you see the undisturbed beach at your disposal, however, it all becomes worth it. The Ambassador in Paradise ResortSeawind Boracay Resort, and Nandana Boracay resort are among the best Boracay offers.

As you can see, staying on Boracay Island is never a problem; what with all the accommodations available for people of different budgets and requirements. Just take a look around the next time you’re taking a stroll on the beach. You might find a gem that will keep you coming back for more.