Shopping Guide For Boracay Island

Shopping Guide For Boracay Island

Your Guide To Shopping on Boracay Island.

The Boracay Beach Guide is your place to go to for all things Boracay Island-related, including shopping!

Below you will find a wide choice of valuable information for your retail therapy fix.

Shopping Tips

While strolling through the shops and market stalls on Boracay, take your time to check out the goods and prices on offer. Bartering is welcome on the island, so once you have assessed the different prices, use your negotiating skills to buy things at a lower price.

Precious gems such as pearls are for sale on stalls located along the beach. Once again, use your bargaining skills to negotiate a lower price. You can check the authenticity of pearls you wish to buy by using the Tooth Test. Rub the pearl softly against your tooth. If the pearl is natural or cultured, the surface will feel gritty. If the pearl is a faux gem, then the surface will feel smooth.


Located in Station 2, D’Mall is the tourist shopping mecca on Boracay Island. This open-air mall is the place to go to get your shopping fix! Inside you will find:

  • an extensive range of restaurants offer various cuisines and dining options, from eating in to take away.
  • hotels providing quality and budget accommodation options
  • bars and nightclubs
  • Boracay’s answer to the Ferris wheel, the Balloon Wheel, is located in the center of D’Mall, giving you a bird’s eye view of the shopping center
  • several currency exchange stalls
  • many shops selling beach equipment and clothing
  • a superette supermarket
  • fruit and vegetable stalls
  • alcohol outlets
  • heaps of souvenir and gift shops
  • Department of Tourism is also located within D’Mall providing visitors with all the information they need to find their way around Boracay.