Best Budget-Friendly Hotels on Boracay

Best Budget-Friendly Hotels on Boracay - Boracay Beach Guide - Philippines

Budget-Friendly Options for Hotels on Boracay

While Boracay seems an excellent choice for a week-long vacation, it is undeniable that accommodation prices have increased over the years. It becomes more internationally renowned, especially during peak seasons.

There are, however, still affordable and cheap hotels in Boracay that you can discover.

  • Fat Jimmy’s

Located comfortably along the perimeter of Boracay’s D’MallFat Jimmy’s is an excellent hotel that can fit your budget. From the mall, you only have to walk for three minutes to reach it. The rooms in Fat Jimmy’s are fan-cooled, yet you do not have to worry about too much heat due to the hotel’s effective ventilation system. Air-conditioned rooms cost a little more, and they can fit a maximum of five people, perfect for your friends and family. Other amenities include laundry services, Wi-Fi, and cooking services.

  • La Bella Casa

After enjoying a night of fun in Cocomangas Bar, you can head straight to La Bella Casa. This beachfront hotel can give you a scenic view of the ocean. Some nearby landmarks that you can visit our Balabag Catholic Church and Willy’s, a partner resort that allows you to enjoy taking one of its comfortable beach lounge chairs. The amenities at La Bella Casa are cable TV, private shower, bathtub, and Wi-Fi on all floors.

  • Boracay Sandcastles

A beachfront property known for its authentic tribal design, Boracay Sandcastles offers top-rate accommodation for less than $300, tax inclusive. This resort hotel is located near Boracay’s Station 1, giving you easy access to bars and restaurants. Rooms are air-conditioned and have private showers as well.

  • Luna Rossa Hotel

Luna Rossa is a budget-friendly hotel with a classy, Italian style. It is located in Boracay’s Station 2 and is also just a few minutes away from the popular D-Mall. There are 30 rooms in Luna Rossa, making it appropriate for large conferences and company meetings. Each room offers full amenities, including a cooking area so that you can make your favorite meals. All rooms also have balconies or terraces.

  • Nami Resort

One of the factors that make Nami Resort special is the fact that it is built firmly on a clifftop, overlooking the vastness of Diniwid Beach. Located away from the bustling center of Boracay, Nami Resort offers incomparable levels of rest and relaxation. Nami Resort is also a great place to honeymoon. The architectural design of the resort is strictly modern, mixed with a tinge of contemporary accent. All rooms also come with balconies and Jacuzzi.

By choosing any of these popular budget hotels, you will never have any financial woes. Instead, you can use your spare money to experience the water activities and tour packages available all over the island.

The secret to staying on the hotel hotlist weighs more on providing variety, than sheer expensive beauty.

Boracay has proven time and time again that, aside from having postcard-perfect white shores and mesmerizing sunsets, it also gives tourists a broad leeway for choosing activities and accommodation.

To have a fulfilling island vacation on a budget, tourists can allot more funds for their activities and go for the decently cheap billet for two or a group. As a feature, Boracay has many budget-friendly hotels and resorts that can be booked in advance using trusted local booking companies.

Below are listed top five affordable Boracay hotels and resorts:

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Boracay Hotels and Resorts For Large Groups

  • Faith Village Dormitory Building

Faith Village Dormitory Building on White Beach Station 3 accommodates between 250 and 300 persons like an everyday business with premises resembling a typical school ground. The 20 rooms, either equipped with a fan or air-conditioner, come with the necessary facilities for comfort to help guests get by for the next day’s scheduled team-building or retreat activities. Due to its proximity to the best locations on the island, Faith Village is preferred by government and non-government organizations for their significant events; the place is also suitable for family reunions, conferences, and work getaways. For Php450 per night per person for the high season, Faith Village Dormitory Building is a go-to hotel all months.

  • Moreno’s Boracay Cottages

Out of the many family-suited lodgings in Boracay, Moreno’s Boracay Cottages has got the right ambiance and facilities—not to mention being close to the center of White Beach and the wafting smells of dishes from the many restaurants. This native-inspired accommodation has the basics (shower, kitchen, AC, safe, TV, towels, Wi-Fi) for surviving away from home, plus surcharge-based use of the minibar and massage service. The balcony and veranda inclusive in each room make for an even cozier stay, perhaps adding to the several reasons why Moreno’s attracts many backpackers and small groups. Clean and spacious, this lodging option would cost a minimum of four people between Php1,900 and Php2,900 per night during the high season.

  • Boracay Breeze Resort

Modern and classy Boracay Breeze Resort in Station 1 is another lodging option for small groups and families. Boasting proximity to Willy’s Place, Cocomangas, and Club Parao, this accommodation offers guests its 21 rooms, all cool and comfortable and complete with what leisure travelers deserve: hot and cold shower, free Wi-Fi in the dining area, cable TV, queen-sized bed, safe, massage, and restaurant. Complimentary daily breakfast comes with the rate of Php3,000 per 4-pax family room per night for the high season.

  • Alliyah’s Beach Resort

Occupying the growing area of Station 3 on White Beach, Alliyah’s Beach Resort is another straightforward accommodation for small groups of two to six people. There are 22 decently furnished rooms, each equipped with a high-speed internet facility, air-conditioning, a desk, a cable TV, a shower, and free toiletries. The hotel also offers laundry, currency exchange, and fax and photocopying services. Guests who do not have time to visit the nearby restaurants can opt for the lodging’s bar and restaurant; business travelers can use the conference room as desired. Three types of rooms are available, out of which the family room that serves up to six would cost Php4,800 per night during the high season—not bad for a taste of quiet without being too far from the action.

  • Coco Rimas St. Vincent Resort

There is no wonder why this 30-room hotel in Station 3 is where travelers choose to come and go. For one, Coco Rimas is at the center of White Beach, literally the best spot for feeling the island’s vibrant action. But there are other reasons why this native-style lodging option is worth the money. Coco Rimas has rooms suitable for four to 20 people, making it more than right for company outings, extended-family vacations, and barkada getaways. Being a popular budget hotel, Coco Rimas has all the basics covered, and breakfast is complimentary for all packages. For a Php5,000 budget per night during high-season travel, Coco Rimas St. Vincent Resort is ideal for a family of eight sharing four double beds.

Local tourists barely need to spend more than Php10,000 for a fruitful vacation on Boracay island. Boracay is, even more, accommodating for large groups, since lodging and activity prices can drastically drop half-price for this kind of travel package.