Things To Do On Boracay Island

Things To Do On Boracay Island

Your Guide On Things To Do On Boracay Island

Below you will find a wide choice of information on activities on Boracay Island. Whether you are looking for an action-packed adventure, something more relaxing, or an upcoming event, you will find it here on Boracay Beach Guide.

Boracay: The perfect place for a vacation and unwinding

One of Boracay’s prized gems is White Beach, which is also the busiest area all over the island since tourists prefer the softness of its white sand brushing against their feet.

If you want to spend your vacation on an island that mimics heaven, Boracay is indeed a winning choice. The island has numerous activities that can tap your curiosity and passion for thrills.

Stroll along White Beach

Upon arriving in Boracay, do not forget to visit the phenomenal White Beach. Spotting the beach is easy—you have to follow the influx of tourists on the island, ask the locals for directions, or look for the expanse of white sand.

Sunbathing is also ideal because lying down in the sand in the morning is beneficial for your skin and health. You can also go strolling on the beach, but the best time to do this is when the sun has come down, granting you a full view of the beautiful sunset. Accompanying the sunset is the cool Boracay wind, further increasing the value of your vacation.

White Beach has contributed to the overall popularity of real estate in Boracay. It has also attracted developers and resort tycoons who want to take advantage of Boracay’s fast-paced growth.

Dive, kiteboard, or just feel the waves

Scuba diving is a popular activity in Boracay. Many hotels across the island offer scuba diving that starts at PHP 350. Prices can go up in peak seasons, but you can resort to haggling if you have a tight budget. If you stay at a hotel in Boracay, they will most likely have a scuba-diving package fit for groups of people; if many people will take the package at once, the overall price goes down. Be sure to tag your friends along if you want to explore the island’s underwater wonders.

Kiteboarding is perfect for people who want to test out the rough waves of Boracay. Kiteboarding is popular for males because of its speed level affected by the intense Boracay wind. The kiteboarding experience is another reason why a Boracay property for sale gets bought after only a few weeks of appearance in the real estate market.

If you are not fond of high-octane activities, you can settle for a morning or evening dip in the waves.

Staying in paradise on Boracay

You may consider setting up abode in Boracay Island. The island welcomes foreign tourists, especially retirees, who want to enjoy moments of peace. Boracay beach resort hotel accommodation is generally affordable, and the price of necessities on the island can fit within anyone’s budget. Investors and developers can also find high financial leverage on Boracay investments due to visitors’ unstoppable influx.

Things to do in Boracay

Beginner Kiteboarding Course on Boracay

Beginner Kiteboarding Course

Learn the basics of kiteboarding in Boracay

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Boracay: All-Terrain Vehicle or Buggy Car Experience

Choose an exciting ATV ride or a buggy car drive on the island of Boracay. Drive around the trains and enjoy breathtaking views of the …

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Boracay: Crystal Kayak Photo-op Experience

Jump into a crystal kayak and head out on the water on this photo-op experience in Boracay. Your guide will help you set up the …

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Boracay: Dualtron E-Scooter Ride

Explore Boracay on a Dualtron electric scooter and enjoy and eco-friendly tour of the island. Visit Mt. Luho, Newcoast Village, Savoy Beach, and other local …

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Boracay: Hydrofoil Experience with a Local Guide

Learn how to fly over water with a light and agile electric-powered hydrofoil on this guided water sports adventure in Boracay. Gear up in your …

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Boracay: Paraw Sailing with Photos

Enjoy Boracay’s gentle sea breezes in the calm water area while relaxing onboard a unique local paraw sailboat. Your boatman will take care of the …

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Boracay: Sunset Boat Party with Snacks

Experience an awe-inspiring Boracay sunset as you sit back and cruise along the Shangri-La shoreline. Choose between a fun party boat or a double-decker yacht …

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Discover Jet Skiing Experience in Boracay Island

Discover Jet Skiing Experience

On this jet ski activity, you will learn the basics of jet skiing in Boracay.

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Discover Scuba Diving Experience Boracay Island in the Philippines

Discover Scuba Diving Experience

Explore the exquisite sights of Boracay’s underwater world by scuba diving with an experienced guide

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Flying Inflatable Doughnut Experience in Boracay Beach

Flying Inflatable Doughnut Experience

Choose between the UFO or Hurricane inflatables doughnut experience on Boracay.

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From Boracay: Mainland Off-road ATV or Zipline Experience

Let your guide help you find the best spots for beautiful photos, and recommendations for the best restaurants on the island.

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Helicopter Sightseeing Tour in Boracay - Aerial view of a private beach on Boracay Island

Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

Enjoy spectacular views of Boracay and outlying islands on this helicopter sightseeing tour.

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Island Hopping Boat Tour With 5 Beach Visits and Snorkeling

Island Hopping Boat Tour With 5 Beach Visits and Snorkeling

Embark on a Boracay island-hopping adventure around the likes of Puka Beach, Diniwid Beach, and Crocodile Island

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Kiteboarding Discovery Activity on Boracay

Kiteboarding Discovery Experience

This kiteboarding course lasts for 2-hours in a group or 1.5-hours if you are alone.

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Private Island hopping and Snorkelling tour in Boracay Island - BOOK NOW

Private Island Hopping Boat Tour and Snorkelling

Enjoy visiting 2 beaches and islands where you can get out and explore. Go swimming and snorkelling in the warm tropical waters of Boracay.

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Private Traditional Sailing Experience in Boracay

Private Traditional Sailing Experience

Take a trip on the signature symbol of Boracay’s White Beach, a Paraw.

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Spectacular Sunset Cruise with Paddle Boarding and Snorkelling on Boracay Island

Spectacular Sunset Cruise with Paddle Boarding and Snorkelling

On this spectacular boat cruise around Boracay Island, you’ll get to experience Boracay’s sunset from the water.

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Stand-up Paddleboard on the beach in Boracay

Stand-up Paddleboard Lesson

Learn how to ride a stand-up paddleboard on the pristine waters of Boracay Island.

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The Philippines: eSIM Data Plan

Enjoy the convenient and instantly available eSIM data plans for the Philippines. Choose from a variety of options and activate your eSIM anywhere on your …

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Banana Boat or Dragon Boat ride in Boracay Beach

Thrilling Banana Boat or Dragon Boat Experience

Experience the thrills on this high-speed banana boat ride in Boracay.

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Thrilling Solo or Tandem Parasailing Experience - Boracay

Thrilling Solo or Tandem Parasailing Experience

Enjoy a 15 minutes parasailing experience alone or with a friend in Boracay

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Two people feeding fish while helmet diving in Boracay

Underwater Helmet Diving

Book your day trip now and experience the best underwater helmet diving Boracay Island has to offer.

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