Spending a Fun and Quiet Holy Week On Boracay

Spending a Fun and Quiet Holy Week On Boracay

The March to June season vibrates with heat powered by the sizzling sun and Boracay travelers’ energy.

Many tourists spend their summer in Boracay not only to enjoy the refreshing water and fine sand but also to observe Holy Week traditions to commemorate Christ’s sacrifices. It is undoubtedly more fun in Boracay during summer, for tourists can witness the island transform into a significant tourist hub loved the world over.

Holy Week in Boracay

Since Holy Week is an anticipated holiday in the Philippines, people who visit Boracay will usually go to mass or attend the procession. The church in Station 1 conducts more masses during the week. On Palm Sunday, people bring their woven palm leaves to church to sanctify with holy water. Then, they display this palm leaf art in their houses until the end of observance.

Advantages Of Visiting During the Holy Week

So, what are the advantages of going to Boracay during the Holy Week season in summer?

Boracay seems to be more upbeat during the summer months, with activities toning down on days of the Holy Week—especially on Good Friday—with respect for the occasion. From March to June, more tourists, including local celebrities, flock into the resort-island to chill; some visit during the Holy Week to enjoy their holiday vacation.

It is the perfect week to feel a genuinely vibrant island brimming with people whose primary purpose is to combat the heat in smiles. Although tourist arrivals shoot up—accompanied by higher prices in accommodations and activities—the island is big enough to hold everyone in its fringing beaches. Many also prefer to shun the shores and head inland where Boracay’s quieter and greener side lies.

The Holy Week is also preferred by resorts and hotels to introduce their new services and promotions. Since it coincides with part of summer, accommodations give out tanning lotions, sunscreens, and other summer goodies to make tourists’ stay more enjoyable.

Tips For Tourists

When visiting during the Holy Week, it is advisable to look for hotels and resorts situated close or facing the beach. There is just something about the electric feel of the shore activities that invite someone to partake in fun. Furthermore, take up any special offers and promotions to save money for must-do activities, such as island hopping, paraw sailing, and the long list of water sports activities. Many are thrilled with kite surfing and cliff-diving for their pure adrenaline-infused fun.

Of course, it is one priority to try the “paluto” service at several restaurants. The paluto service gives an incredible tropical experience—imagine picking fresh seafood from the wet market and having them cooked by request. Then, mosey around the D’Mall area to find various souvenirs, and make sure to bargain.

Climbing the challenging steeps of Mount Luho to see the entire island’s panorama and its neighboring islands is another highly suggested activity. If biking is desired, ensure to visit the Bat Cave on the northeast, or just get lost in the middle of the beautiful island to spot native fauna.