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D’Mall: Shopping in Boracay

D’Mall Shopping in Boracay

Shopping at D’Mall Boracay

The world-renowned island of Boracay in the Philippines comes complete with activities and accommodation, and shopping options.  Budget shoppers can head to D’Talipapa in Station 3 for cheaper merchandise, but those who want to remain close to Station 1 while killing time strolling can opt for the only touristy shopping center on the island: D’Mall.

The D’Mall Boracay

Located in Station 2, D’Mall is an open shopping lane flanked by a line of stores alongside a central walkway. The area resembles a park because of the dividing benches and decorative islands from which rose lamp posts and coconut trees. Tourists go here to dine at the restaurants (Cyma, Ole, Hama, Aria, Lemon Cafe) or re-supply needs from the commercial establishments selling local and imported delicacies, medicines, tickets, sunglasses, and eyeglasses, and school supplies. There are also ATMs, money changers, spas, internet cafes, dental shops, and optical shops.

A trip to Boracay is incomplete without dropping by D’Mall. It is the place to go before departing to buy hand-made souvenirs or anything that can be kept as a little piece of the beautiful island, from keychains and home decors to beachwear and jewelry. Prices vary from store to store, so it is advisable to look around before making your final purchase. Haggling is also a good practice, allowing tourists to get items at costs sold in the more affordable D’Talipapa.

Those who dislike the sound of nightlife at the bars and restaurants can go to D’Mall to climb a wall, ride a wheel, or shoot balls. D’Mall Boracay is popular for its adrenaline impact. The wall is tall enough for successful climbers to consider reaching the bell on top of an outstanding achievement, with proud applause from below as a reward. Boracay Showdown challenges by requiring players to shoot 20 balls in 40 seconds; victors can take home a bull cap or jersey if they met the condition. Those who want a bird’s-eye view of D’Mall can get on to the Ferris wheel—an excellent way to usher the drowse before going back to their accommodation to close the night.

Staying near D’Mall Boracay

Many wise tourists who foresee shopping and trips to all stations on White Beach as significant components of their Boracay vacation choose to stay in Station 2 near D’Mall. Some Boracay resorts close to this shopping enclave are Fat Jimmy’sHey Jude, and Panorama Hotel. Any hotel in Boracay that lies in proximity to D’Mall gets the advantage of being next to supplies and resources. Some choose to stay close to this open mall for the massages and fresh seafood, while others only for the accessible ATMs and money changers.

Visiting D’Mall is one of the activities in Boracay that tourists must do. It is an essential reference point for first-timers who are still memorizing places on the island. Because of its central position on White Beach, it is an alternative go-to place for experiencing the nightlife and strolling and feeling the island’s modern, commercial vibe.