Bulabog Beach and Its Challenging Winds

Bulabog Beach - Boracay Beach Island Guide in the Philippines

Those who have experienced Boracay’s best would undoubtedly say that there is more to Boracay than the famous White Beach.  Indeed, behind this white-sand beach lies one less frequented location that offers an exciting vacation ingredient: surging winds.  Bulabog Beach, measuring 2.5 kilometers long, occupies Boracay’s eastern side and leverages the trade winds blowing variably from October to July.

The Advantageous Geography of Bulabog Beach

Nature takes a significant part in Bulabog Beach being named the “Number One kite-boarding beach in Asia.” During the Amihan season, strong winds coming from the east hit Bulabog Beach, which its northern and southern hills channel inwards to create torrents conducive for wind-based water sports. From November to April, local and foreign visitors enjoy kite-boarding and windsurfing competitions on this part of Boracay. In the subsequent months up to October, tourists revel in the array of watersports possible with the beach’s shallow waters.

The Bulabog Beach Difference

Compared to White Beach, Bulabog Beach is less busy and crowded. This difference draws people interested in either staying under the shady trees along the shores or joining the active scene of boards and kites. It can be said that this part of Boracay is the mid-line between action and tranquility, as it possesses part of the touristy atmosphere of White Beach and the serenity of Puka Beach. It is a must-do for people who want to experience Boracay’s other side—just the right dose of quiet and fun.

Accommodation near Bulabog Beach

Because Bulabog Beach pulls crowds from various parts of Asia, many commercial establishments have been built there. Hotelsrestaurants, surfing schools, and souvenir shops are present, but their activities are much quieter than those in White Beach. There are also Boracay resorts in Bulabog Beach to accommodate those who want some less developed surroundings. The beach’s 5-minute proximity to the D’Mall endears it to many tourists, and being a 10-minute walk from White Beach even makes it a perfect location.

First-time visitors to Bulabog Beach might still not know the right accommodations to choose, so here are a few to consider:

  • Hangin Kite Resort

Hangin Kite Resort is the right one for tourists who want accommodations and kite-boarding lessons in one place. The resort lies on the northern part of Bulabog Beach, 20 minutes from the beach and right behind Amihan Store. The deal-maker is that their expert teachers only take two students at a time, so kite-boarding lessons are focused and detailed. Everyone is invited to stay in the resort to enjoy the close beach and the weekly poker games and dinners prepared by international chefs.

  • Aissatou Beach Resort

As well as Aissatou Beach Resort’s enticing central location in Bulabog Beach, Aissatou Beach Resort makes a great vacation base for being a 3-star hotel. It has a restaurant, a coffee shop, a private beach area, a garden, and kite-boarding facilities. Necessary services are also provided, and with its fantastic views of the beautiful beach and sea, guests can expect nothing but relaxation.

  • Villa Bahay Amihan

The Villa Bahay Amihan speaks of a tropical island lifestyle. Timber elements combined with concrete walls and glass windows create a rustic feel. Guests only need to walk for two minutes to mingle with kite-boarders and windsurfers and then proceed for another five minutes to reach the powdery sand of White Beach.