Boracay Gig Guide: Events, Festivals, Firewords & Vibrant Celebrations

Events calendar detailing what's on in Boracay year round.
Fireworks from the beach in boracay

Boracay is, by default, a haven of thrilling coastal activities complementing the tranquil vibe in the hotels and resorts. 

But year-round, several Boracay festivals and events – most coinciding with the peak seasons – take place on the island, drawing more tourists. They want to enjoy the beautiful beaches and witness the extra spice at the same time.

These Boracay events include sporting and cultural expositions, but whichever you decide to go to, they will surely make Boracay as a must-visit destination at least once a year for you.

Cultural events

New Year Eve Fireworks

Boracay entertains tourists in ushering in the New Year, just like a renowned tourist attraction must do. Colorful fireworks are set off in the last minutes of December 31 to welcome New Year, and the island parties until the early hours of January 1 morning. Sand-building contests on the beaches follow this celebration.


Boracay Beach fireworks events 2023-24 - image from Boracay Sun Newspaper
Boracay Beach fireworks events 2023-24 – image from Boracay Sun Newspaper


Find your Boracay fireworks displays held here for 2024…

    1. La Carmela De Boracay
    2. Discovery Shores Boracay
    3. Henann Regency Resort & Sp
    4. Paradise Garden Resort Hotel & Convention Center
    5. Epic Boracay
    6. Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel
    7. Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay
    8. Fairways and Bluewater Boracay
    9. Belmont Hotel Boracay
    10. Shangri-la Boracay Resorts and Spa

Ati-Atihan Festival – January

Boracay’s version of Aklan’s Ati-Atihan on the second Sunday of January wows foreigners with the motley-colored bodily decorations of the dancers grooving to lively music.

Ati-Atihan on Boracay is participated by personnel in resorts and hotels who parade their painted faces and outlandish costumes while hailing to the Santo Nino image. Those who want to attend the mass head to the mainland in Aklan to thank Jesus for their gifts. This Philippine Mardi Gras is a week-long celebration.

Boracay Food Festival – Yet to be confirmed for 2024

From the 11th to May 13, Boracay overflows with national and local food. The Boracay Food Festival is one of the Boracay events that is highly anticipated, as it showcases the Filipinos’ delicacies to foreigners. The festival’s main highlight is a cooking competition where chefs and naturally good cooks compete to create the most delicious impromptu dish. Aside from tasting a wide variety of food, participants also dance to lively music electrifying the three-day festivity.

Boracay International Beach Festival – Yet to be confirmed for 2024

October is a bustling month not only for the continuous drove of tourists but also for the island-wide festival meant to showcase Boracay’s beauty and lifestyle. During this event, towns present their interpretation of their lifestyle, among a diverse list of activities. Among all Boracay festivals, this one packs everything in, from dancing to music to food and beach activities.

Sporting events

Boracay International Funboard Cup – Yet to be confirmed for 2024

Since 1988, this sporting event held for six days in late January, has attracted locals and tourists who celebrate Boracay’s quality as an excellent destination for water and wind activities. Surfers and boarders for the various events battle it out to win prizes sponsored by concerned organizations. The Cup is also a reminder for maintaining the island. During the event, efforts to lessen the environmental impact of tourism—voluntary trash collection, banning bottled water, etc.—are conducted. The awarding ceremony for the Cup is followed by a closing party, which participants and island tourists can join in.

Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival – This event is currently on hold

The first half of May makes way for rowers from different parts of the globe. The Dragon Boat Festival includes competitions for teams of men, women, and mixed rowers who race to the finish line using a dragon-inspired, 15-meter-long boat. A pre-event exhibition of the island’s native paraw sailboat is held to warm the air of excitement. During the event, the entire island bubbles with tourists—even celebrities—as well as vendors. The food feast afterward is great appeasement for tired participants hungry for victory.

Boracay Invitational Golf Tournament – Yet to be confirmed for 2024

Fairways and Bluewater Resort hosts this professional golf competition in Boracay every first week of April. The Boracay Invitational Golf Tournament is an invitation-based event where experienced golfers and golf enthusiasts can play or witness balls fly through the air into the 18 holes spread over the preened course.

International Paraw Cup Challenge – Yet to be confirmed for 2024

Combining a cultural and sports event in one, the International Paraw Cup Challenge showcases locals’ skills in steering the native outrigger boats of the Philippines in the surrounding waters of Boracay. This race is a massive spectacle for locals and foreigners alike, as there are several activities before this event. The Cup, conducted from January to February, is the local government’s way of promoting kayaking on the island.