The Best Helmet Diving Activities on Boracay Island

A couple enjoying helmet diving in the beautiful clear waters of Boracay

All helmet diving activities to do in Boracay

You can’t have a complete holiday in Boracay without participating in at least one water activity. The water is so clear, warm, and enticing. Heres your chance to have a go at helmet diving in the best location in the world.

Imagine strolling across the ocean floor, not swimming but walking, like an astronaut on Neptune.

Watch clownfish weave through anemones, and maybe even spy a shy sea turtle peeking from its shell.

Forget clumsy fins and gurgling mouthpieces; in your diving helmet, breathing easy, you’re a silent observer in this vibrant underwater paradise.

Boracay’s topside beauty is legendary, but beneath the waves lies a secret world. Are you ready to answer its call, helmet on head, heart open, and fins firmly planted on the sandy seabed?