3 Most Famous Water Activities in Boracay

3 Most Famous Water Activities in Boracay

Top Water Activities Boracay

Every summer, many Filipinos and international tourists flock to Boracay because of its famous white beaches.  Tourists can spend hours relaxing on the white sand and frolicking in the crystal clear waters, removing everyday life’s worries from their minds. The serenity of Boracay has attracted many Filipino celebrities as well as some Hollywood stars.

Water activities can be a new experience for visitors to Boracay Beach. Do you want to know the three most favorite water activities on the island? Sit back and take note of some of the essential things to consider regarding these water activities in Boracay.

1. Helmet-diving – Amazing Underwater Exploration

You have probably heard about the popular helmet-diving activity in Boracay beach. Through this water activity, you experience what it feels like to be on the seafloor mingling with exotic fish. To partake in a helmet-diving experience, you need to wear a helmet with an attached oxygen tube. It is approximately 350 pesos per 30 minutes of helmet-diving. Typically included in the package are souvenir discs filled with images and videos of your underwater adventure.

2. Banana Boat – One Rapid Turn Is All It Takes

At first, you may think that a Banana Boat ride is a casual leisure trip along Boracay’s beaches. A long and yellow rubber boat (hence the term Banana) is attached to a Jet Ski. The Jet Ski moves in one direction—vertically since the Banana Boat is built to travel in a straight path. Suddenly, the Jet Ski driver will make a swift turn, and the Banana Boat will topple over, plunging the passengers onto the water. This activity induces adrenaline since most people are afraid of massive waves. Passengers of the Banana Boat are required to wear life vests as part of the rules of safety. Riding the Banana Boat has a tag price of 400 pesos for every 15 minutes.

3. Jet Ski – All About Speed and Waves

If you have a passion for speed and high-octane adventures, you should not miss the Boracay Jet Ski experience. This activity’s price level is about 2,000 pesos and may be booked through beach resorts in Boracay or with vendors along the beach. Do not forget to negotiate! The adventure is worth the fee. With every swift turn, the wind will strike your face, and the waves will bend in your favor. The Jet Ski experience will let you become a master of the sea, even though it lasts for only thirty minutes.

These are just three of the famous water activities offered in Boracay. During your trip to the island, do not forget to include them in your vacation goals to experience worth sharing.