Boracay Crystal Cove: The Ultimate Tropical Escape

Boracay Crystal Cove Island The Ultimate Tropical Escape

If you want to experience Boracay at its purest and most unadulterated, I strongly suggest embarking on a day tour to Crystal Cove Island.

Crystal Cove is actually a resort that takes up the whole island. Crystal Cove Resort is on Laurel Island and, honestly, the place has this cool vibe that pulls in folks from all over. It’s like this natural beauty and history combo that’s hard to resist.

Crystal Cove Island covers 2.5 hectares of land surrounded by the sea filled with beautiful sights and natural wonders for which this Philippine beach is known.  

Areial view of Crystal Cove day resort in Boracay
Areial view of Crystal Cove day resort in Boracay

Here are some fascinating facts about Crystal Cove Resort:



LocationLaurel Island, near Boracay Island, Philippines
Island SizeApproximately 2.5 hectares
HistoryEstablished in the 1990s, Crystal Cove was transformed from a privately owned island into a tropical paradise resort.
AccommodationsCurrently, Crystal Cove Resort does not offer on-site accommodations. Visitors can explore for a day and return to Boracay for lodging.
Main AttractionsTwo captivating caves, where the Sibuyan Sea crashes its waves into, stand out as the primary attractions of Crystal Cove. Experience the awe-inspiring power of nature in these unique geological formations.
ActivitiesSnorkeling, diving, nature trails, and cave exploration offer a diverse range of experiences for visitors seeking adventure and natural beauty.
Best Time to VisitThe dry season, from November to April, is the best weather conditions for outdoor activities at Crystal Cove.

This island hopping day tour includes Crystal Cove:

Beautiful clear water at Crystal Cove day resort in Boracay

Awesome video showing Crystal Cove on an island hopping tour

What makes Crystal Cove Island so unique?

The exclusivity of Crystal Cove Resort is what people love. As opposed to the many attractions in Boracay along the crowded main beach, the resort gives those who wish to escape the busy life and appreciate Boracay’s tropical wonders the opportunity to kick back and enjoy the simple and natural things in life.

The Two Caves

Here’s what I think really sets it apart—the two amazing caves. Picture this: the Sibuyan Sea crashing into these caves, creating a totally awesome spectacle. 

Dive into Snorkeling and Swimming

Dive into snorkeling, explore the underwater wonders, and just let the crystal-clear waters wash away all your worries. I just loved the clear water and how warm it was. So many pretty fish to see as well.

Tour boats that go to Crystal Cove on an island hopping tour
Tour boats that go to Crystal Cove on an island hopping tour

How To Get To Crystal Cove

Boracay Crystal Cove is a 20-minute boat ride from the mainland. You could charter a private boat to get there but it’s much easier to join an island hopping tour.

The resort is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with the last entry at 4 pm. 

Things To Do On Crystal Cove

If you’re looking for the ultimate island hopping experience, Crystal Cove island offers different packages to fit your needs.

If you get a private boat and go yourself the entry fee at the entrance gate is only $5.40 US.

However, if you want the best during your visit, pay for a full day tour that includes the transfer from the port to the resort and back, admission with a free tour guide, and a meal that consists of the most succulent seafood, juiciest chickens, and the freshest of fruits.

You can make full use of the private white beach on the island. You can also go underwater (scuba diving, helmet diving), ride the waves (jetski, para sailing, flyfish, banana boat ride), or even fly high (parasailing)!

Tours that include Crystal Cove island: