Fun Continues in Boracay: 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit This Low Season

Fun Continues in Boracay 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit This Low Season

When June arrives, two scenarios occur in the Philippines that affect its top destination island Boracay: first, the school season begins and takes budgeting priority among locals; second, the rainy season sends frequent showers with strong winds to one side of the island.

But Boracay goes with the season cycle, just like it did in every past year, keeping fun alive for all visitors, continuing to be a go-to getaway—only it is wetter and windier and less crowded. Marked the low season, this period from June 1 to December 15 offers a window of great enjoyment for many prudent tourists. Why do they choose to visit during this season?

Playing with the wind provides an above-average thrill

The southwest monsoon, or habagat, sends salvos of strong winds to the west side of Boracay, where the four-kilometre White Beach lies. This condition only means one thing: the waters around White Beach would be perfect for navigating with a sailboat. On top of this, kite surfing also migrates to this side of the island, although the activity can still be done on the back of Bulabog Beach. So during off-peak season, Boracay’s world-renowned powdery-sand beach sees more than a normal number of boats and kites.

It is more relaxing with a smaller crowd and less noise

Since people attach the idea of the sun to the beach, many dismiss the prospect of an island getaway during rainy days. Soul-searchers take advantage of this perception, though. Hence, from June to early December, they get more space on the island and experience more nature. Station 3, host to the cheapest hotels on the island, is apt for lovers and solo travellers who want to reclaim some privacy.

Cheaper accommodation, airfare, and activity prices spell savings

Considered the factor everyone should leverage during the rainy season, huge discounts on hotels, flights, and activities can be found for the June-December period. Despite the lower prices, the quality of all amenities and facilities remains unchanged. Generally, there is a 20-percent reduction in rates throughout the island. With some good haggling skills, visitors can literally stay longer in Boracay with a modest budget than during the peak and super peak seasons.

Inland and water activities are more enjoyable

Tourists can feel closer to nature during the offseason due to the smaller tourist numbers. Walking and biking before sunrise or sunset are simple activities that become subtly engrossing if done at the forest area or less frequented beach like Puka. Moreover, tons of other activitiesdiving, swimming, paraw sailing, jet ski, snorkeling, etc.—are made more enjoyable by the calm waters on the island’s east side. Other not-to-miss activities are massage, shopping, parasailing, island hopping, helmet diving, and scuba diving.

Right party vibe to chill out at night

People avoiding large crowds but want to spend the night outside to chill can welcome themselves to pubs and clubs that showcase tamer parties. Nightlife in Boracay during the off-season is a few notches quieter and less cramped. However, there remains the regular offerings in these night-time establishments: liquor, pica-pica, meals, and gimmicks. Those wondering where to go first for some great after-dark experience can head to these eight amazing hang-out places to spend the night.

Boracay adjusts every rainy season to ensure the safety and enjoyment of tourists. The local government moves the docking of boats to Tambisaan Port and Tabon Port to avoid the rough waves to and from the island, and the hotels on White Beach make sure to put up windbreakers to protect tourists. Though the island changes to some degree, the fun never stops during the low season. In fact, it is the best time to have a group vacation due to the numerous discounts available.