Popular International Restaurants On Boracay Island

Popular International Restaurants On Boracay Island

Boracay is an excellent choice for a beautiful vacation. The island is progressing rapidly, offering hundreds of perks and experiences for the average tourist.

Upon touching the Boracay white sand with your feet, you barely need to walk a long distance to check out its premier water activities. Before that, however, you should consider tasting the rich and exotic cuisines offered by Boracay Beach.

Aria Boracay

Aria Boracay is a popular spot for Italian cuisine on the island. Now, you can indulge in eating cheesy pizzas and authentic Italian pasta. Aria Boracay has a stylish, modernistic style, giving you a homey feel and relaxing ambiance. Aside from the mouth-watering menu, you can also check out Aria Boracay’s array of beverages and Italian wines. You can satisfy your passion for sweets by visiting Aria Gelato, Aria Boracay’s sister restaurant.


Zuzuni has been declared as one of the best restaurants for married or dating couples. The restaurant is located just a few meters from Boracay’s White Beach. Zuzuni has a relaxing setup, allowing you to view the beach easily. Zuzuni is known for its array of delicious Greek recipes, such as; Moussaka and Spanakopita. Moussaka is Greece’s national dish, made with baked layers of eggplant, spiced ground beef, and the irresistible Bechamel sauce. Spanakopita is a collection of little pies made with filo pastry. These pies are filled with flavourful spinach, herbs, and feta cheese grated into perfection.


If you are exploring various foods in Boracay, you should not miss out on Kasbah. Kasbah is a Moroccan restaurant named after Qassabah, which means fortress in an Islamic town. This restaurant speaks of Mediterranean culture as well as cuisines that can fill your belly with satisfaction. Kasbah is located just a walk away from Station 1, noticeable by its appealing bluish sign. One of the best viands that you can discover here is Lamb Tagine. Why should you check out this meal? Lamb Tagine is Kasbah’s signature dish; it is made of slow-cooked lamb chunks, complete with prunes, nuts, and almonds. Kasbah also allows shisha, a large contraption used for smoking flavored tobacco. Smoking shisha can help you relax while watching the calm waves of Boracay beach.


Living up to its name, Epic—a popular cosmopolitan restaurant—is located in the heart of Boracay Station 2. Epic is one of Boracay’s most sought-after restaurants due to its coziness and a wide selection of party cocktails. Are you looking for a wild and glamorous holiday experience? Then you will never go wrong with Epic. The World Grill, Epic’s selection of modern cuisines, is bound to stir and challenge your taste buds. Whether it is for a belly-filling lunch or a tour-de-force dinner, Epic can serve the purpose. After your satisfying meal, you can try out Epic’s cocktails, such as Mojitos and Margaritas.

Before securing a hotel in Boracay, make sure that it is located near these excellent restaurants. There are other restaurants and bars that you can discover—all you need is just enough curiosity and vacation spirit.