No Sun, No Problem! Things To Enjoy On Boracay During The Rainy Season

No Sun, No Problem! Things To Enjoy On Boracay During The Rainy Season

While the Philippines’ premium tropical destination appeals to those who wish to enjoy the unadulterated beauty nature has to offer, Boracay is so much more than the sweltering sun, white sand, and azure blue waters.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if booking for Boracay hotels and resorts is still difficult during the rainy season, which is from July to September.

Even when the rain pours down and cancels all scheduled day tours, there’s still something that visitors can do to make their vacation even more special. If you’re planning to book a trip to Boracay, here are the reasons why you should reserve a flight going there during the rainy season or the low season.

Low prices

During this season, people are averse to travelling to beaches and islands to avoid possible storms that may hit these areas. To counter that, businesses along the beachside launch special promotions and discounts during this period for the purpose of attracting more visitors to their resorts or establishments. Land activities in Boracay such as mountain trekking, motor biking, and more will also be much more prominent.

If you are working with a tight budget for your vacation plans despite the shattered showers and thunderstorms, then visiting Boracay during the off-peak season may be your best chance to bask in the island’s natural glories.

Water activities

Given that there will be fewer people and slashed prices on most services on the island, you have more space to enjoy boat rides and island-hopping without having to queue in line.

Also, it’s high time that you also try out recreational activities done on the sea. Skimboarding is one of the more popular water sports in Boracay, so you may want to take your time and find out what the craze is all about. The less humid temperature is best for kite surfing as well. Or course, make sure that there won’t be incoming rain or storms coming before trying out these fun and exciting water activities.


Even when rain does come your way during your stay in Boracay, you can still enjoy your vacation by treating yourself with a full-body massage, facial scrubs, whirlpool bath, and more. There are lots of great spa salons along the beachfront that offer customised relaxation packages that will revitalise your skin and relieve you from stress.