Boracay Is the Fire Dance Capital Of the Philippines

Boracay Is the Fire Dance Capital Of the Philippines

Malay Mayor John P. Yap said that it would be beneficial for Boracay if ever it would be labeled the “Fire Dance Capital of the Philippines.”

This statement was Mayor Yap’s reaction after watching with his own eyes the live performance of fire dancers on the famous resort island.

Fire dancing, done by swinging a tethered pair of poi set alight, is a popular evening attraction in Boracay. Tourists who want to experience the island’s nightlife go to White Beach to dine at various restaurants and bars while watching fire dancers mesmerize with their fiery performance.

The attractive balls of fire, the music, and the dance itself conduce to the tropically native ambiance, and tourists taking pictures and videos has become a sight every night.

Aware that fire dancing and other island activities would draw many tourists to Boracay, Mayor Yap reminded visitors to take care of the island, especially the white sands, while enjoying its thrilling offerings.

Protecting Boracay’s Pristine Coastline

The Malay municipal government has issued several ordinances and regulations that seek to protect the island from degradation. In a nutshell, tourists cannot smoke, drink, bring their pets, urinate, and defecate by the beachfront. One highly enforced by officials is Municipal Ordinance No. 2001-141, which penalizes anyone who extracts sand and pebbles for souvenir or any other purpose.

The mayor also assured visitors that police officials are on high alert status all the time, with visibility intensified during the peak seasons like summer and holidays.

Boracay is part of Malay, one of the modernized municipalities in the province of Aklan.