The Boracay Life: Is Living in One of the World’s Top Tourist Attractions Worth it?

Beautiful Boracay Enticing Tourists, Inviting Investors

Given the beautiful sights of its uncharted islands, melodic sounds of the clear blue waves crashing on the shore, and a delicate powdery touch of its white sand, Boracay is your home away from home.

But if you had the opportunity to turn the Philippines’ most prized possession into your home, would you go for it? Before you look for a Boracay property for sale, here are some realities that you must understand first as you plan on living in this majestic island.

It’s Not Manila, Which Is A Great Thing

Aside from the noticeable differences – Manila being the Philippines’ urban center and the beach serving as an escape from that urban center – people in Boracay lead a lazy life. As opposed to rushing to meet unreasonable deadlines at work and juggling multiple responsibilities all at once in Manila, people in Boracay have the luxury of time on their side. This slow pace means more time to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle in the metro.

The Idea Of Boracay As A Nightlife Center Is Exaggerated

One of the things Boracay has become famous for is bursting commerce and the sleepless nightlife. There are many commercial establishments and bars along the main beachfront, and these places become more visible come nighttime. Rowdy parties that run late at night and filled with half-naked bodies are common among these bars.

However, this strip is only part of what makes Boracay and does not define what the island is in general. There are countless places on the island that promote healthy living and well-being of a person through relaxation in their spa salons. Also, save for a couple of high-rise resorts here and there, behind the main beachfront is a vast swath of countryside where locals and islanders live in humble huts and homes. Despite its facade, Boracay is a rural place at heart.

Visitors have increased

Philippine Information Agency reports that visitor arrivals in 2013 have increased by 13%. Despite being popular as it already is, more and more visitors are flocking the island and finding out the natural beauty Boracay has to offer?

What does this finding mean to you as a potential buyer of Boracay real estate? Once you’ve purchased land or a condo unit, you can visit the island by staying on the land and enjoying the lazy life. Once you’re out of there, you can lease for rent so people can stay at your place in Boracay and pay you in return. It’s a win-win situation!

Now that you have this information at hand, would you still want to live in Boracay? Are there things we failed to mention that could sway the decision on whether or not to live in Boracay? Share your thoughts by commenting below!