Top 8 Boracay Nightlife Spots

Top 8 Boracay Nightlife Spots in the Philippines

Boracay Nightlife

Boracay dons a light-party mode at sundown. Like the sun fuels the day with energy for tons of activities, the night sky casts a chill-out air on the island’s White Beach stretch, where bars, pubs, and restaurants improve the mood with soft lighting, island music, and sundry concoctions.

The vibe is perfect for hanging out with friends or talking to strangers; for those who want to pass the night, beachside tables become cozy temporary outposts.

Nightlife on the island is just something that every traveler, especially young people, must experience at least once. Despite the general picture above, the experience does depend on the host and the occasion, so make sure to have great nighttime fun by giving these top Boracay bars and pubs a try.

Top Boracay Nightlife Places

Red Pirates

Happy hour: 6 pm to 9 pm

This pirate-themed shack in Station 3 offers staple live music, including reggae, bohemian, ethnic, acoustic, and classic rock. A beach garden outside set up with tables and chairs made of driftwood accommodates visitors, not into the native interior. Located past Angol point, Red Pirates is recommended for those looking for a smaller crowd, torch and candle lighting, beach beds, mats, hammocks—just the real unassuming island pub feel.

Famous for: Try their famous mojitos and the eat-all-you-can Bar-be-que and buffet, which happens every Friday night starting at 7:30 pm.

Price: A bottle of beer costs a happy-hour-rate of Php40. A cruise with their crew is Php600 per hour.

Cocomangas Shooter Bar

Happy hour: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Still running after two decades, Cocomangas Shooter Bar leaves the proving game to the smaller bars on the island. This famous party place lies along the main road of Station 1; look out for people lining up outside the entrance. Set up like a classic disco, Cocomangas rocks with the tending of an in-house DJ mixing hip-hop, chart, and house music. Colored tube lamps above illuminate lounge tables and bean bags below, and the spacious dance floor welcomes anyone with the stamina to cut the rug.

Famous for: The “Still Standing After 15” challenge will downright test your worth as a drinker. If you survive 15 shots of different alcoholic concoctions, you become enlisted to the wall of fame, you get a tee or jersey, and your country receives points. Try the five-booze mix called the Illusion Shaker, the container of which is yours as a souvenir. Their pizzas and gin-pineapple cocktail are also favorites.

Price: Common drinks play around Php50 to Php100, while imported beverages start at Php160. Pizzas, depending on size, cost between Php260 and Php665.

Epic Bar Boracay

Happy hour: 5 pm to 9 pm

Located next to the entrance of D’Mall in Station 2 is a supper club that gives after-dark party-goers a good time every night of the year: Epic World Grill and Bar. Two floors for accommodating groups, air-conditioned restrooms, Asian and western menus, modern furniture, and local and foreign DJs mixing music are enough reasons why Epic draws crowds.

Famous for: Holidays are most awaited at Epic due to the special dinner buffet the in-house chef prepares for the customers. Of course, the customary cocktails infused with fresh fruits and the special Absolut and Havana cocktails are served. On New Year’s Eve, the eye-drawer are the pyrotechnics complete with light and sound arranged to welcome the new year.

Price: Local beers cost Php70 to Php100 per bottle. Depending on the day, an entrance fee of Php200 to Php300 is charged.

Club Paraw Bar & Grill

Happy hour: 4 pm to 9 pm

Renovated for an improved party experience, Club Paraw in Station 1 offers a bottom floor made of sand and a second floor made of wood. Visitors can get a space to themselves in the VIP area on the second floor, an excellent way to enjoy the night without getting crowd-shocked. Since it is in the up-class area of White Beach, the club’s atmosphere is quieter; visitors also tend to be less rowdy during the peak party hours. Another high point is its location opposite Cocomangas, making hopping just a walk away.

Famous for: Sunset watching is comfortable here, for there is a seating area outside the club. For big groups, the Tower is an excellent deal to taste various drinks flavors in one concoction.

Price: Rum mixes are Php40 each, a single bottle is Php75, a bucket of beer is Php250, and a pitcher of a cocktail is Php450.

Guilly’s Island

Happy hour: 11 am to 9 pm

Another go-to bar in Station 1, this place is vast enough to accommodate groups. Outside seating allows guests to view the setting sun while drinking their favorite drinks—some even lay mats on the sand to set up one place for their group if it gets crowded. On the other hand, the inside sitting is decent and keeps guests safe during the wee hours and bad weather.

Famous for: Try the punchy tequila mix to send you straight to dancing mode, or fill up first with delectable dishes in their menu-full of international cuisines. Take the “Gone in 60” challenge and prove that you can take down six different drinks in one minute, then get a memorable souvenir picture if successful.

Price: One of the cheapest places for late drinking, Guilly’s Island sells mixes between Php80 and Php140; beers cost Php30 to Php40, and pitchers cost Php350.

Summer Place

Happy hour: 6 pm to 12 am

Station 2 has a vast and famous party club rumored to be owned by an influential figure. Summer Place, entertaining from afternoon till morning, is perfect for large groups, as the dance floor often extends to the beach by 1 am. The enclosed bar makes solo drinking comfortable, and the place is generally safe and lively to boot, with bartenders sometimes grooving with guests.

Famous for: DJs that play a wide range of music, various drinks and food (try the Mongolian barbecue), famous guests (how about seeing the Pacquiao couple?), and a poker game on some days are four things that make people come back.

Price: The cost of beverages and foods does not stray far from the competition.

Juice Bar Boracay

Happy hour: 4 pm to 8 pm

This long strip of a bar in Station 2 is another magnet of celebrities. The open-air bar hosts an extensive diversity of drinks and foods, and with the dancing colored lights and upbeat music pulsating in the background, Juice Bar is indeed a nighttime attraction for young people. Seats and tables are set up aplenty inside out, so those tired of dancing can rest at the bar-side chairs or bean bags at the sand seating area, ready for more action until early morning.

Famous for: The Flaming Waterfall, Tower, or Lamp are highly recommended for kick-starting the night.

Price: The place sells drinks at reasonable prices, with beer costing Php70 per bottle and cocktails at Php130.

Sandbar Beach Bar

Happy hour: 4 pm to 7 pm

Operated by Discovery Shores, there is no wonder why this place exudes the chic setup for sunset watching and lounging by the beach. This Station 1 bar is not so crowded and has comfortable seating. Touted as the best place for people-watching, Sandbar offers some of the most talked-about cocktails along the White Beach strip. There is also a restaurant (Sands Restaurant) serving alfresco or ala carte dishes to guests who drop by for a late-afternoon treat.

Famous for: Try the mango and lychee mojitos and other margaritas, all served freshly mixed. Holidays are also notable for gimmicks, including the fireworks on New Year’s Eve countdown and a show at Christmas.

Price: The cost of food and drinks is a bit more expensive, given that a classy hotel owns the establishment. Paid registration is also required for the holiday shows.

Complete your trip to the Philippines’ top island destination by visiting any of these places any given night. However, tamer than in the metro and other world-class rivals, Nightlife on Boracay island is sure to awaken your inner party-goer. Take the challenges in some bars, find the best appetizers and sides, and takedown alcoholic mixes above your limit.

What beach party places do you frequent? What food and drinks do you recommend? Your first-hand experiences would surely help others shape their own fun Boracay trip. So, share your thoughts by commenting below!