Water Sports – Popular On Boracay This Summer Among Tourists

Water Sports - Popular On Boracay This Summer Among Tourists

Following the Department of Tourism’s launch of the Dive Market Development Group in Boracay in 2013, the famous resort island has received more tourists who enjoy diving and other water sports activities.

The DoT initiative seeks to make diving in Boracay more popular among tourists, eventually making it an international diving destination. Dive Market Development Head Zeny Pallugna said that DoT assists dive shop operators in establishing diving facilities and systems.

Boracay island, a famous summer destination in the Philippines, receives tons of local and foreign tourists during the summer high season. These tourists admire the island’s fine, white sand and clear, blue waters, aside from the energetic vibe contrasted by the electrifying nightlife.

According to service providers on the island, diving is the top activity among tourists, with Balinghai, Yapak, and Carabao Island as the most popular spots for their depth, reaching up to 40 meters. Further, there are other shallower diving spots to explore, including Punta Bunga, Angol Point, Crocodile Island, and Laguna de Boracay.

Tourists say that Boracay’s natural coral formations and diverse marine life help them relax more on the island. The availability of diving and surfing schools also contribute to a memorable experience.

In 2013, Chinese visitors were Boracay’s top foreign visitors, followed by other Asian nationalities like Japanese, Koreans, and Thai.