Memorable Boracay Honeymoon

4 Plan Details to Focus On for a Memorable Boracay Honeymoon

Boracay the, premier island destination—the best in Asia—comes with plenty of offerings for everything, from the perfect setting and honeymoon hotels to diversely thrilling activities and food choices.

You have certainly chosen right, as some local celebrities who sealed their love on the fine-sanded island. But there is one more thing that makes the deal even better: You can spice up your honeymoon without going over-budget! Check out these tips to coat each aspect of your post-wed vacation with the level of sweetness you desire:


Since the occasion requires intimate time alone, choose a hotel or resort situated north or south of White Beach to avoid the crowd. Boracay Residences, Nami Private Villas, and Boracay West Cove occupy the quiet Diniwid area; Sundown Resort, Alliyah’s Beach Resort, and Moreno’s Boracay Cottages provide decent accommodation at Angol area on Station 3. For high-end options, go for Gran Prix the Sitio and Real Maris on Station 1, or La Carmela de Boracay on Station 2—these three have reduced lean-season packages right for couples and groups.

What should you look for in your honeymoon base? First is the romantic ambiance, the likes of sea views, cliff-side location, or cove setting. Also, ensure that the hotel or resort provides the basic amenities and possibly more for your special situation. Ask if they can give a honeymoon discount as a present. Take note that your hotel can arrange meals and activities for two as part of your celebration.

Special somethings

Prepare a gimmick every day. A bath in the tub with rose petals and scented candles can be arranged by your hotel. Surprise your partner with a gift each day (mind the timing!): three roses, a piece of jewellery, a handwritten letter, tickets to her favorite artist—anything would be a precious indication of your devotion to her.


Having a couple massage, either in your hotel room or on the beach, can strengthen the connection you share. If you booked a wedding or honeymoon package with a hotel, then this service would certainly be included. Otherwise, you can try Bella Isa’s King & Queen package that comes with sunset sailing, a candlelight dinner, and a special gift. Other Boracay massage providers offer unique treatments you can try, so go research for therapies you can enjoy together.


This is the aspect you have a wide berth for planning. Since it is the time when you are feeling the best emotions in your life, go for the extraordinary right off the bat! Jump the five cliffs at Ariel’s Point, a day-trip adventure packaged with snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. If you prefer to stay inland, a buggy or ATV ride will let you explore more of the island the adventurous way. Roll inside a zorb, zip through to the beach, and get wet with the tons of adrenaline-infused activities on White Beach or Bulabog. Now, the order of these thrillers is just what you have to finalise.

Enjoying as a couple would be incomplete without getting into the romantic mode. After a tiring day of heart-beat raisers, head atop Mount Luho to capture the breathtaking panorama of Boracay and the nearby islands. Feel the freedom up the observation deck, with the cool wind streaming through—an excellent setting to utter three meaningful words witnessed, sanctified by surrounding nature.

Fill yourselves with the warmth of the yellow-orange sunset on the mountaintop, or go back to the beach to set up a cuddle space while watching sailboats become silhouettes. Go extravagant by timing the sunset with your alfresco dinner, available on request from your chosen hotel.

Love-bird paradise Boracay makes sweet events like weddings and honeymoons easy to set up.