June Is Roughly Over . . . But Not the Beach Weddings!

Engaged couples and those looking to remarry couldn't have chosen a greater location than the white powdery shores of Boracay Island.
June Is Roughly Over . . . But Not the Beach Weddings!

Engaged couples and those looking to remarry who are looking for a simple yet classy wedding, couldn’t have chosen a greater location than the white powdery shores of Boracay Island.

Mild decorations to infuse texture and add colours can turn the naturally stunning beaches into a perfect spot where the surf-tuned “I do’s” begin a couple’s happily married life together. Simply, Boracay is made for beach weddings.

Though June is the widely known top-grossing month for weddings, any month of the year can be the right nuptial month on the famed Boracay Island. Everything depends on your preference, and with guided planning from partners, you can make the most special day in your romantic life worth remembering. Here are some insights to convince you that Boracay is ideal for your beach wedding:

Setting up is easy

Hiring a wedding planner will help to create peace of mind in the months prior to your wedding day.  Beach weddings have long been a custom in Boracay, so finding a wedding planner is relatively straightforward.

One best way to approach this set-up phase is to book an all-in package for your wedding with the top hotels on the island. The Palms of Boracay, La Carmela de Boracay, Willy’s Ocean Club, Royal Park Hotel Resort, and Nami Private Villas offer wedding planning, reception, and honeymoon rooms altogether. If you need a special room post-wedding, Real Maris, JJ Resort and Spa, Hampstead Boutique Hotels, Calypso Resort, Mandala Spa and Villas, Monaco Suites de Boracay, and Royal Park Hotel Resort have honeymoon suites with first-class amenities and facilities.

Some hotels in Boracay—usually the big ones—host wedding events themselves, while others connect you to wedding planners, who have a team of their own to arrange the nitty-gritty for your nuptials.

To make sure that you can indeed get wed, finalise all legal aspects a month ahead. Secure a certified copy of any of the following, depending on your situation: marriage license, passport, certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage (or an affidavit from a consul), parental consent (for those below 21), death certificate of spouse, or judicial decree of annulment or divorce.

There are limitless possibilities to make it memorable

Of course, the memories of the day when you devote your love and life to each other must be supreme. A wedding before a beautiful backdrop of sand, surf, and horizon is incomplete without flowing drinks! So, organise for a refreshing island concoction to be served to everyone!— a good way to align guests’ mood with the setting.

Since the event is alfresco, factors like the wind and natural light can affect both the actual and the captured scenes. If you hired an experienced photographer, he or she would suggest holding the ceremony after dawn or before dusk, the time with the best lighting for shooting great photos. This is also a good measure for keeping everyone fresh and safe from the sun’s kiss.

A beach wedding is not only unique in location, but also in the garb it demands. Have guests wear comfortable, light-coloured apparel fit for the theme. Since the ground is sand, heeled shoes are not advisable; guests, including the bride, can instead go barefoot or wear sandals. Everyone must be ready to plunge into the fringing water!

Celebrities have honored their love with its pristine beauty

Almost daily, a wedding takes place on the island—not surprising because, aside from the beaches, there are other spots suitable as a wedding location, including Mount Luho, the cliffs, the coves, and the nearby islands. So we can’t really blame these five celebrities if they have chosen to tie the knot in the country’s top island destination:

      • Tuesday Vargas – Renowned comedienne is known off-screen as Marizel Sarangelo married her long-time boyfriend at Discovery Shores on June 19, 2010.
      • Miriam Quiambao – This Miss Universe 1999 runner-up married (now annulled) Italian businessman Claudio Rondinelli at the Holy Rosary Church on January 5, 2004.
      • G Toengi – Actress-model Giselle Anne Toengi sealed her friendship with American Timothy Walters at the Nami Resort on February 19, 2005.

Having your dream beach wedding in Boracay is easy on Boracay. Many hotels and resorts on the island have designated suites perfect for honeymooners, and we can also help you find ones to host your ceremony and reception. Even a decent budget can provide you and your guests a memorable tropical island beach wedding experience. So, don’t think it’s impossible—the fine sand and magnificent views add nothing to the bill!

Ready to make your celebrity-notch beach wedding in Boracay come true?