Enjoying Boracay From Its Peak – Mount Luho

Enjoying Boracay From Its Peak – Mount Luho

Mount Luho

Discovering something new about a frequented destination reinforces one’s desire for even more discoveries.  In the case of the beautiful island of Boracayfirst-time tourists mostly experience the beach and the activities. Still, it’s not until they return do tourists find out that the seven-kilometer island offers another exciting breath-taker: the peak at Mount Luho.

Knowing Mount Luho

Boracay Island has a mountainous topography on the north and south. The hill-sized Mount Luho on the northeast is the highest elevation that measures 100 meters above sea level at its peak. This small mountain is famous for providing the best vantage point of the island’s views, including the surrounding blue ocean and white-sand beaches, the tourist-flocked center, and the Fairways and Bluewaters Golf Course in the north.

Getting To Mount Luho

Although considered walkable from any point of the island, the summit of Mount Luho is more comfortable to ascend on wheels. Individual travelers can rent a bicycle, while groups can negotiate for a tricycle at around 150 pesos. Buggy cars and ATVs are the high-end options. Apart from a faster mode of getting to the summit entrance, there is no other equipment needed to reach the mountaintop, as a walkway and steps have been made to make climbing easier.

No signs are available to lead tourists to the peak, but locals and even tourists can give directions. Asking around is encouraged. For all transportation modes, tourists should take a right from the Crown Regency Prince Resort’s main road. Pass Bulabog Beach and proceed to the left of the fork on the road. A little farther, they should see the signage to Mount Luho, then eventually the entrance.

Activities Near Mount Luho

For an affordable entrance fee of 100 pesos, tourists can enjoy the perks offered at the viewpoint and surroundings. First, the observation tower provides a 360-degree panorama of the island and an experience open to the sky. Some tourists choose to visit before sunrise or sunset to chance upon the horizon’s captivating colors while alone with the cold, whispering wind. One crucial tip: Because the area can be windy, it is safer to climb the deck alone or with a partner.

Apart from climbing the tower, tourists can also have their adrenaline pumped for seconds. They can ride the zip line for about 25 seconds from the hilltop down to a nearby beach. They can also get inside a zorb ball and roll downhill. To record the adrenaline-packed moments, tourists can have their videos or photos taken from below.

A small zoo around the viewpoint area has a little friendly monkey and other animals; although they are harmless, feeding them requires the caretaker’s permission. Nearby also lies a Nipa hut that sells trinkets and souvenirs.

Indeed, the island is filled with fun and exciting activities and places worth visiting, and Mount Luho is one of the many attractions in Boracay that should never be missed. It is arguably a must-do, not only for the views but also for the short yet exciting activities up there. Once the summit of this mountain is experienced, it will always bring back images that will invite visitors to come back: the open skies, the sprawling ocean, the Panay mainland’s peninsula, the green surrounds, and the renowned white-sand beaches.