Mother’s Day Present? Here are 12 Fun Boracay Activities Ideal For Your Mom

Mother’s Day Present Here are 12 Fun Boracay Activities Ideal For Your Mom

There is no more fitting day of the year that lets you honour your beloved mum than Mother’s Day.

For certain, you would be one of the many children planning a grand surprise for their most treasured girl—and with “grand” and “treasured” tossed into the equation, what better present to give than a trip to the country’s top resort-island, Boracay.

Admit it, you need to indulge your mother, and when it comes to pampering in this hot summer season, Boracay is your best deal for the tons of activities both thrilling and relaxing. Plan island must-dos with your mother by checking out this list of Boracay activities:

The Best Ways to Spoil Your Mum this Mother’s Day

Walking and swimming

Just feeling the warm water and the fine sand can make you and your mum appreciate life away from everyday responsibilities. Cherished memories in paradise do not have to cost money—float in the crystal blue waters, or help your mum re-capture her inner child by building sandcastles near Willy’s rock.

Island hopping

A once-in-a-lifetime experience touring different islands for one whole day is sure to draw more than a smile on your mother’s face. Rent a boat around Php1,500 or chip in with other tourists for 3 to 4 hours of island hopping that visits Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove, and Puka Beach. Throughout the tour several activities are available, so be ready to dive, explore caves, and pick shells.

Scuba diving lessons

If you can coax your mother into wearing the scuba and plunging into the underwater ecosystem of Boracay, then you have just discovered that she is in for an exciting experience. Scuba diving adds adrenaline to the glass-bottomed boat ride by letting you be one with corals and other colourful marine critters. Challenge: Find Nemo hidden among the anemones.


For around Php1,700 for two, you can be at the mercy of the wind for 15 minutes in parasailing, one of the top-selling activities in Boracay. Well, forget the pictures of half-smiling, half-shouting pairs or trios strapped under a parachute—parasailing feels more amazing than that, for it is a real fight between two opposing forces, with you at the centre!


Think parasailing is lame and nothing more than easy air-gliding? Then test your muscle strength and grip endurance in the activity that casts tourists into the water: Flyfish. Costing Php800 per head, this daredevil activity requires you and your mum to follow the drill: wear a life jacket, take your tightest grip on the grab handle, let the speed boat launch you flying through the air, and decide between holding on and letting go within the 15-minute top-speed ride.

Helmet diving and reef walking

Once you realise that your mum longs for underwater sights, set her up for yet another fun up-close encounter with Boracay’s marine environment. Helmet diving replaces the scuba and the suit with a glass-plated helmet connected to an air tank located 10 feet on the boat above, so instead of swimming, you walk on the seafloor to feel what it is like to be down there with the real swimmers.

Mermaid swimming

Your mum might not be an Ariel fan, but if she is a health-conscious swimmer, she will definitely like putting on a merfin to do mermaid swimming. Touted to exercise the core, legs, and thighs, this activity demands decent swimming skills since you have to make up for the added weight of your tail after removing the floaters. This is a good way to stick to your wellness regimen while enjoying your Boracay holiday.

Zorbing and zipline

How about feeling the effect of gravity by falling or rolling? The zorb and zipline combo, priced at around Php1,300 per person, gives you that experience to send you straight down to the beach or through the forest. The exhilaration that manifests in laughing and screaming at once—the sort of craze you would love having like Boracay’s adrenaline seekers.

Sunset or sunrise watching

Lethargy after all the emotion-inducing activities is best cured outside, by having the island’s horizon enthrall you with all the possible colours of beauty. Start or end your day by welcoming or farewelling the sun, and ensure to bring your favorite drinks with you for the spectacle. Free and soul-filling, Boracay sunset or sunrise watching will make you and your mum fall in love with Boracay.

Food tripping

Fresh servings of seafood and tropical juices are a refreshing way to occupy your time between activities. There are tons of cuisines you and your mum can try around the island, but the best part of food tripping is buying the seafood yourself at the famous D’ Talipapa and requesting your restaurant to cook them for you.

Spa and massage

Another way to heal your tired bodies is to indulge in a massage at a good spa. When in Boracay, go for Mandala Spa and Tirta Spa—the top two picks by Boracay travellers. Mandala’s Asian signature spa helps you enter the zen state with its long, gentle massage strokes; while Tirta’s multiple therapies involve a foot scrub, a choice of body scrub or facial treatment, and its own famous signature massage.


D’Mall, Boracay’s shopping centre, can unleash your mum’s inner shopper. There are various souvenirs and goodies to take home that are priced the same mall-wide. Shopping the thrilling variety of products even gets more exciting with bargaining, so your mum can definitely make the most of your shopping budget.

Pampering your mum on her special day requires a lot of planning, both of the activities and the budget.