Living In Paradise

Living In Paradise - Boracay Island private beach house

The natural beauty of Boracay Island in the Philippines cannot be denied, and it’s why several people, both locals and foreigners, have decided to spend their life there.

The pristine white beach, crystal-blue waters, world-class restaurantsluxurious resorts and hotels, and vibrant nightlife are reason enough for many to consider the beautiful island their home. Living in paradise, however, entails planning and research. Do your homework, and Boracay will do the rest.

What are the factors to consider before moving to an island home?

Boracay Is A Bustling Yet Laidback Community

If you’re worried about being completely cut off from the metropolis, it will comfort you to know that Boracay’s island is a different breed. With world-class establishments and its very own mall along the beach, it’s comparable to most cities, with the hard cobblestone floors replaced by cool, white sand.

There Is An Existing Communication Infrastructure

Internet and mobile phone access is not a problem on the island, what with it being a popular tourist and vacation spot. You can have almost everything you need while on the island if you know where to look. There are six telephone companies on the island, the Aklan Electric Cooperative supplies electricity, and there are tricycle and multi-cab terminals and ports available for your transportation needs. In many ways, Boracay Island enjoys the best of both worlds: an island paradise with city-like amenities.

Boracay Island Has A Booming Economy

From its humble beginnings as an agricultural island dependent on coconut as its main crop, Boracay has become one of the world’s hottest tourist spots. The number of foreign tourists has dramatically risen from 44,358 in 1998 to a staggering 192,873 in 2009. Thanks to its popularity, over a million foreign tourists have visited the island in the last decade, translating to over USD 1.5 billion in revenue.

The Price Of Property Is Higher

Because it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, the property prices in Boracay Island can be a bit higher compared to other locations in the country. Do your research or get to know the locals so you can get the best prices.

The Logistics Are Different

A vacation on a tropical island is one thing; living on it is an entirely different beast. If you’re used to living in the city, the logistics of living on an island might take some getting used to. For one, you may have to travel by boat or plane from time to time. The roads are also smaller on the island than the metropolis, so you may need to consider a smaller vehicle.

Whether you’re looking for a retirement home or to set up a business, the friendly island culture and supportive community and government of Boracay Island will help you get started. Before taking the plunge, consider an extended stay to get a feel for the place, the people, and familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of living on an island like Boracay. If you have any Boracay experiences to share or anything to add to the list of considerations, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section!

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