Labor Day Weekend Sends Droves Of Tourists To Boracay

Labor Day Weekend Sends Droves Of Tourists To Boracay

Year on year, Boracay Island sees a rise in tourist numbers in the week of Labour Day, on days sandwiching May 1. 

During this public holiday, locals pounce on the chance to unwind at relaxing places like Boracay, with some filing a leave of absence to prolong their vacation.

This year’s Labour Day weekend was no different from the previous—thousands of tourists flocked to the famed summer paradise to partake in leisure activities and participate in several events. According to the Malay Tourism Office in Boracay, 49,992 tourists visited between April 22 to May 4, with a fifth of this turnout comprising visitors who came on Labour Day itself.

Laboracay—a portmanteau of the holiday and the destination—gives one of the highest tourist arrivals to the island. This year, the overwhelming number of visitors resulted in the color-coding scheme’s suspension on tricycles, which are the only mode of transportation across the island.

The local government unit responded with the color coding scheme suspension to improve passenger transfers flow from the Cagban Port to the hotels. In response, Boracay Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño expressed his sorry for the trouble experienced by the affected tourists.

Meanwhile, Laboracay activities progressed despite the predicament. Some of the significant events included the 17th Nestea Beach Volleyball League; island-wide activities arranged by the Solar Entertainment Corporation; beauty, fashion, and sports competitions sponsored by TV networks; and the nighttime parties DJ-ed by renowned Cedric Gervais and Steve Aoki.