The Dead Forest: The Enchanting Part Of Boracay

The Dead Forest The Enchanting Part Of Boracay

Boracay is not just famous for its crystal-blue waters and powder-white sands, but it is also home to an eerie but enchanting attraction: the Sunken Forest.

The Sunken Forest, also known as the Dead Forest, is a distinctive attraction found in Boracay. It is located at the tip of Barangay Balabag, just minutes away on foot from the busy water-sports section of Bulabog Beach.

History Of The Dead Forest on Boracay

In the past, the forest was said to be a standard patch of mangrove trees. Also known as bakawan, mangroves flourish in brackish water.

The Dead Forest was said to be a product of an ecological disturbance. It happened when a dam that kept off the saltwater broke down, destroying the swamp and killing off the mangroves that grew in it. The only things that remained are dead tree trunks sticking out of the stagnant water.

The Dead Forest As a Tourist Magnet

Despite the forest’s tragic demise, it has become a popular tourist attraction. People seem to be attracted to it’s eerie ambiance and enigmatic appeal. It also has been a favorite subject of photographers and filmmakers who have been fascinated by the place.

The forest presents a highly romantic scene surrounded by old folktales about ghosts and goblins because of its appearance. Locals believe supernatural occurrences take place here, particularly during the full moon.

Aside from being a tourist magnet, the Dead Forest is also a cooling place for the local animals. Horses and carabaos go to this place and wallow themselves in the murky water. It is not the right place for people to swim in, for the brackish water contains some substances that may irritate the skin and produce rashes. It is also recommended that tourists bring bug repellent or bug spray to keep off insects that thrive there.

How To Get To The Dead Forest

Located on the southern part of Bulabog Beach, the Dead Forest can be reached by walking along Lagutan Road from the main highway or directly walking from the beach. For tourists who want easy access to the Dead Forest, they should choose a nearby Bulabog beach. This famous Boracay attraction has no entrance fee or viewing charge as the forest is open to the public.