Cooling the Summer Heat On Boracay Island

Cooling the Summer Heat On Boracay Island

In the Philippines, Boracay is the place to be for summer—the season when there are great airline and hotel deals.

There is just something about this resort-island that draws millions of local and foreign tourists to its white-sand shores and crystal turquoise waters. Plus, being awarded the best island in the world in 2012 by Travel + Leisure has magnified its quality as a worthwhile destination for couples and families. Boracay Island beats with action from early March to late June, the hottest months cooled by its varied, fun whole-day offerings.

Boracay in summer

Saying that the island of Boracay throbs like other summer destinations in the world is a grave understatement. Although it is not as exclusive as private resort islands, Boracay offers tourists something unique: the option to be with the crowd on White Beach or the tranquility of Puka Beach and other less popular beaches. It is an island where people can settle. It comes complete with a market, an outdoor mall, commercial establishments, an amusement park, a forest, a golf course, and several natural attractions.

It is typical to see half-naked tourists lying on the warm sand or wading through the glassy water during summer. On some beaches, sights of paraws (outrigger boats), kitesparachutesbanana boatsjet skis, and water boards create the island’s active image. These fun summer activities in the water have counterparts on land: biking, ATV riding, buggy riding, golfing, motorbiking, and sightseeing from different vantage points.

Top Three Summer Activities

There are tons of experiences in Boracay, but trying them all could drain one’s travel budget. So, if you opted for an affordable beach resort or hotel in Boracay to try more activities, here are three recommended must-do activities to spend your savings on:

1. Island Hopping

Tourists who want to cover more attractions and experiences at once can arrange an island-hopping tour. Accommodations on the island can help tourists find businesses that offer this service.

Island hopping is a great activity for small groups or couples. A motorized boat brings tourists to five destinations: Angol Point, Crystal Cove, Tambisaan, Puka Beach, and Crocodile Island. The first and last stops have sites perfect for snorkeling, which can be enjoyed for up to 30 minutes for each location.

2. Nature Tripping

Boracay Island provides tourists with a way to connect with nature. Tourists can head to Willy’s Rock to: 

  • take a photograph
  • offer a short prayer at the grotto
  • see the bat caves in Yapak where the fruit-eating flying foxes live
  • climb Mount Luho to see the island’s panoramic view
  • the Butterfly Garden on Bulabog Beach
  • the live coral borders south of White Beach

Bikers have the advantage of being able to access less frequented areas on the island, mainly the forest where monitor lizards, wild monkeys, and native flora thrive.

3. Food Hunting

The need for food can be raised to an exciting level by searching for the best spot. Many restaurants offer Filipino dishes, but some specialize in Spanish, American, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisines. Grilled delicacies are compatible with the island feel, while fruit shakes and juices match the season and the tropical lifestyle. One must-try is to buy fresh seafood at the wet market in Station 2 and have the pickings cooked fresh at the desired restaurant for a small fee.