Check-List Reminders For Your Boracay Trip

Check-List Reminders For Your Boracay Trip

Having a vacation on Boracay is something that most people look forward to with excitement. The island’s leading beach destinations are the main attractions for tourists, all ensuring a no-dull-moment holiday.

During the day, you can stroll casually on the White Beach, feeling the sand’s warmth and softness. At night, the bars sit ready if you want to socialize and have fun. If you are considering a vacation trip to Boracay, it is time to know what items you need to pack.

Flights to Caticlan have a strict luggage limit of 10kg. Kalibo has a more generous baggage allowance. Remember that you have to catch a ferry from Caticlan to get to the island. To avoid paying fees to porters to handle your baggage, pack light to manage your items yourself.

Prepare Your Clothing

For every trip, your wardrobe is usually a top priority on your checklist. But in case you have forgotten something which will help you enjoy your holiday, Boracay Island has many shops that you can visit. These shops are filled with summer outfits such as beach and activewear.

But if you do not want to spend your time or money shopping for clothes, you have to be prepared. Focus on bringing your swimwear and light clothes. It is advisable not to bring outfits with thick material since they will consume too much space and weight. You may need some walking shoes if you plan to explore or do some adventurous activities; otherwise, sandals will be sufficient.

Secure Gadgets and Keep Them Charged

As a vacationer in the modern period, the experience is incomplete without gadgets. Cameras will help you capture beautiful moments so that you can cherish them always. Now that you have your devices ready, do not forget their charging devices. How can you capture memories if your device loses power after the first day? After lodging in a hotel in Boracay, you can also ask the staff if they have charging stations where you can charge your devices.

Remember Your Toiletries

Your toiletry set is also something that you must put on your list. A Boracay beach hotel management can indeed offer you toiletries as part of their policy, but you will likely feel more comfortable using your own. Bring your favorite soap, shampoo, body scrub, and moisturizer. However, bring only the toiletries meant for the duration of your stay on the island. Don’t forget sunscreen is vital to protect your skin against the sun’s rays.

Camping and Outdoor Gear

Boracay Island is not just famous for its beaches—there are also some camping and exploration spots. If you plan to include a camping adventure in your itinerary, do not forget your outdoor gear. In some portions of the island, you can rent kitchen equipment from residents.

Grocery Items

If you are staying at a hotel with self-catering facilities, you can purchase groceries on the island. But if you do intend to bring some of your supplies, do not bring food items that may spoil quickly or have inadequate packaging. It is also a rule of thumb not to bring too much with you.

 As long as your checklist is concise and organized, you should be well prepared for your island vacation experience.