Boracay: An Island That Spells Excitement

Boracay An Island That Spells Excitement

Boracay has long since convinced the world of its pristine beauty.

The crystal-clear waters, the powdery-sand beaches, the mix of action and tranquility—these three qualities have been elected as synonymous to the island’s name. But the constant drove of tourists perhaps means that the island is more than its beauty, that it brings something to tourists that are more tactile, something as addictive as the feeling called excitement. That said, see how these three things that are “very Boracay” recharge both local and foreign tourists.

The Boat Ride

The island of Boracay is a unique beach destination for being only accessible by boat. Compared to beaches in Bali, Australia, and the United States, this island does not have an airport, so tourists need to first touch down on the Panay mainland before getting to its shores. In the 10- to 20-minute boat ride to the island, tourists can enjoy the visual appetizer comprised of the promontory getting closer every second, the wind sweeping past, and the bow-sliced ocean sending cool droplets to the skin.

The White-Sand Beaches

Boracay’s seven-kilometer length is endowed with several beaches, with the famous four-kilometer White Beach on the west as the most frequented. Tourists enjoy walking or sitting along this beach, feeling the fine sand; some bask under the sun, protected by the shades of palms, waiting for the crimson sunset that ushers the exciting nightlife.

In other beaches on the island, the sand can be grainier, but these less frequented beaches provide a quieter setting and have become the favorites of smart tourists looking to unwind. Cagban Beach and Puka Beach are not only visited by soul-searchers and lovers, but also by people who enjoy caving and shell-picking.

The Activities

What keeps Boracay pumping is the vast array of activities on offer. People ready to get wet can do any of the following adrenaline-soaked water sports: banana boat riding, water skiing, parasailing, skim-boarding, kite-surfing, and windsurfing. There are more sedate options for the laidback type like a glass-bottomed boat trip, snorkeling, fishing, and paraw sailing. There is also an 18-hole golf course on the island, plus tennis courts, horseback-riding areas, and massage centers.

Aside from these offerings, there are also attractions on the island that tourists love to tour. Mount Luho gives a panoramic view of the island from 100 meters above sea level. The Live Coral Beds on southern White Beach provides a captivating close-up of brain corals in different sizes and shapes. Those craving for a dose of chills can head to the Dead Forest on the south of the island, where dead trees form skin-crawling silhouettes during the night. Willy’s Rock and Boracay Rock are also worth a peek, as much as the Butterfly Farm on Bulabog Beach that showcases an educational tour. Tourists can marvel at substantial fruit bats at Yapak on the north and the numerous caves found around the island.

Boracay beach has everything for all kinds of visitors and budgets. Whether you’re looking for budget accommodation or luxurious rooms, you’ll find it all in Boracay. With numerous activities and attractions packed within its small size, this beautiful and world-renowned destination leaves it to the adventurers to satiate themselves with its bounteous offerings of food, fun, and frenzy.