How To Avoid Fake Online Resort Reservations in Boracay

How To Avoid Fake Online Resort Reservations in Boracay

Boracay Island, the Philippines’ pristine tourist destination, is still climbing the ladder of popularity with its array of new resorts and vacation packages.

Visiting the island is a fine choice for you and your family, especially if you want to engage in thrilling water activities. Before planning for reservations, you need to watch out for fake travel schemes that will end up siphoning your budget. Here are some notable tips on how you can avoid such fake reservation schemes:

Research For Accredited Travel Agencies

Since Boracay is a popular destination, fraudsters can use it as easy bait for tourists. Fraudsters can just set up a bogus travel website—complete with top-notch information about Boracay and other enticing materials. Since the travel website has a standard payment method, you will probably think it is real.

To avoid encountering fake reservations for Boracay hotels, only choose sites that receive good reviews from users. Moreover, do not go for agencies that have low rankings and recommendations. Always bear in mind that a hotel in Boracay will not tie up with low ranking agencies.

Watch Out For Deals That Are ‘Too Good To Be True’

It is common nowadays for travel agencies to offer appealing packages for a considerable price. This approach has always been an effective marketing strategy. While there is a common notion to snag the best deal that you can find, it is advisable to step back and rethink.

An affordable package is also a trap that can pass easily as a good deal. Before snagging such a deal, enquire about it. You may ask the company about the package’s scope and the sole reason behind low prices. As a customer, you have the right to gather information about the service you want to purchase. Whenever you encounter seemingly implausible deals, it is time to look the other way. Alternatively, you can report the dealer to the authorities.

Be Half-Hearted Regarding Travel Agency Referrals

Looking for the right Boracay beach resort hotel can prove to be a challenge for you, especially with the rate of competition on the island. You will be presented with hundreds of websites by searching online, each with different travel and accommodation packages on offer.

A referral is a common thing in the travel industry. Whenever some of your friends have experienced a Boracay hotel’s services, there is a big chance that they will tell you something about it. In this case, word-of-mouth plays a very vital role.

Follow a Concise Plan and Do Not Rush

When it comes to vacations, you must plan ahead of time. If you are cramming at the last minute, there is a big chance that you might encounter fake reservations. By sticking to a detailed travel plan, you can sort through Boracay’s cheap hotels without being pressured.

Your Boracay travel experience is more fun if there are no hassles or troubles involved. So, always be prepared and well-informed.