Boracay Accommodation Packed For Holy Week Season

Boracay Holy Week

One week ahead of the Holy Week, Boracay resorts and hotels again experience the hectic scene that comes to the resort-island every year: fully booked rooms and accommodations.

Boracay Foundation Inc. President Jony Salme advises that, as of April, all resorts on the island have been fully booked by travelers who made advanced reservations with beach hotels and resorts as early as November.

According to Salme, local and foreign tourists may have difficulty finding their desired Boracay accommodation during the Holy Week’s high season. But Salme suggested that they may take up rooms offered for rent by the island locals, who convert their extra rooms as lodging for travelers unable to secure a base during high seasons.

When Is the Best Time To Book Boracay Accommodation For Holy Week?

Boracay tourists are advised to book their accommodation as far ahead as six months to avoid disappointment. Booking in advance is especially necessary during peak seasons, such as Holy Week, summer, and Christmas.

Resort-island Boracay throbs with local celebrities during the Holy Week, making this season highly favored by local travelers who want to spot stars on the prestigious beach island. Foreign visitors also start to flock to the famous island from the first week of April until the end of the summer season in early July.

Aware of the increase in visits spurred by the holidays, the Boracay Tourist Assistance Center, together with the local police, is actively operational to ensure tourists’ safe vacation during the summer peak season commencing the Holy Week.