Some Unfavourable Misconceptions About Boracay Island

Some unfavourable Misconceptions About Boracay Island

When it comes to fun-filled holidays and vacation experiences, Boracay Island will always be in the average tourist’s list. How can you not include Boracay?

I think that Boracay’s resorts have done their best in keeping the island as pleasurable as possible. The boom has become too familiar that I developed a couple of misconceptions about the island. Based on observation and rumors, these misconceptions prevented me from attaining a satisfying vacation experience in Boracay. So, what are the misconceptions I had?

The Island Is Overdeveloped

Modernization is a strong force that we cannot deny nowadays. It’s like refusing a small order of fries in a burger meal, especially if you are hungry. The first misconception I had about Boracay is over-development. After seeing countless Boracay ads on television and websites, I got the notion that significant land development has already desecrated Boracay’s natural beauty.

I was wrong. While there are many beach resorts in Boracay, the tycoons have never trashed the island. They beautified the island and made it more hospitable so that thousands of tourists can have the best vacation experience of their lives. Boracay Island is now more tempting than ever, especially with many resorts willing to offer activity packages and amenities.

The Island Is Overcrowded

Overcrowding is something that can only be controlled with the implementation of a thorough strategy. If the place presented is good, there is a huge chance that people will pay to experience it. People pay for the experience, no matter how often they deny it. Because of the Boracay hype, I chose to let go of its beauty and travel to other locations instead.

It seems that Boracay does not have a severe overcrowding issue. While the crowds go crazy during peak seasons, the experience is bearable. Since there are many large resorts in Boracay Island, tourists are appropriately accommodated. Securing a hotel in Boracay is also easy since the management staff is professionally trained to take care of your needs.

Vacations Are Expensive In Boracay

This misconception came from various rumors I got from my peers. Well, we all know how strong a story can get. According to my friends, everything on the island is expensive—from the traditional breakfast meal to the decadent evening grub. Beers and liquors are also heavily priced since they are meant for international tourists who have dollars to spend. How about the activities? Their prices are so elevated that they can burn a hole in anyone’s wallet.

While I cannot say that a Boracay vacation trip is cheap, it is tolerable and affordable. The resorts and local bars have different kinds of promos for the average vacationer. Restaurants also have meal ‘combos’ which are better if bought by large groups. Tourists need to have undertaken detailed research about affordable deals on the island.

Property Prices Are Way Up There

I formed this misconception in my mind based on the current demands in Boracay. Since many foreigners are moving to the island, finding an affordable Boracay property for sale will be challenging.

While Boracay’s demand is high, potential investors can still find beautiful areas without spending too much money. The land development game is always on, with even more significant advantages presented to calculating investors.

Now, I am sure that Boracay Island will continue to be a favorite hot spot for any vacationer type.