First-Time Boracay Travel: Shaping Expectations

First-Time Boracay Travel: Shaping Expectations

Boracay is a world-renowned tourist spot visited by both locals and foreigners in droves every year. It is an image of tourism at its peak, even labeled as the best beach by travel magazines.

But Boracay may provide a stunning picture for first-time travelers, so it is necessary to have a preview of what to see and experience before you visit.

Travel To Boracay

The island of Boracay is located two kilometers off the northwest tip of Panay Island; it is under Aklan’s jurisdiction, one of the four provinces of Panay. There are no airports in Boracay, so all visitors touch down either at Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (also known as Caticlan Airport) or at Kalibo Airport. Going to the next pit stop (Caticlan Jetty Port) would require a three-minute tricycle ride from Caticlan Airport or more than an hour of car ride from Kalibo Airport.

Traveling to the small island is by boat. Visitors depart Caticlan Jetty Port and arrive at Cagban Jetty Port. From Cagban Jetty Port, moving around the island (or heading to your hotel or beach resort) can be done on foot, tricycle, or bicycle. Once on the island, visitors come to the most famous part called White Beach, a long stretch of white powdery sand divided into three stations.

About Boracay

One essential knowledge to get during a first-time Boracay travel is to know the difference between the three boat stations:

Station 1 – Located on the northwestern side, Station 1 is the high-end spot of White BeachResorts and hotels lie immediately by the beach, but it is still possible to walk by the beach despite the lack of a fixed pathway. This station has the finest sand out of all three locales, and it is also the quieter side because of the light concentration of establishments. Willy’s Rock, the most photographed landmark on the island, is found here.

Station 2 – This is the meso-locale where the sand is slightly grainier but still considerably fine. Station 2 is the center of all action because restaurants, bars, retail shops, and other tourist-catering establishments are more concentrated here. Visitors better reserve some of their stamina for sundown. A lot of action also happens at night—restaurants run abuzz, live bands color the surroundings with music, and party lovers contribute to the beach’s noise. The D’Mall, the only shopping center on the island, is located here.

Station 3 – Suitable for the budget-conscious, this station lies on the southwest close to Cagban Beach and Manoc-Manoc Beach. The texture of the sand here is grainier than the other locales. Frequented by only a few who want to have more space, this is the perfect spot for quiet relaxation and getting in one with nature. Due to the spot’s proximity to Station 2 and its tranquil ambiance, more accommodations are being put up here, both budget and pricey.

Costs On Boracay

Boracay visitors should not expect to evade spending at all costs. The rule of thumb is to allow a generous budget for tropical activities. The amount of expense depends significantly on the choices for these activities as well as lodging and food. There are tons of things to do in Boracay, both on water and on land, so visitors need to spend to experience them.

Accommodation On Boracay

Boracay resorts abound on the island, but there are also hotels and native lodgings. When traveling to Boracay, it is a money-saver to grab Boracay promotional and special offers by booking beforehand. Booking before arrival not only ensures that visitors get the type of accommodation they want, but it will also lessen the hassle of having to look for a place of lodging upon arrival.

Activities On Boracay

Most activities are located in Station 2, where instructors supervise kite surfing, banana boat, kayaking, surfing, and many other water activities in Boracay IslandBulabog Beach at the opposite side of White Beach cater to activities like jet skiing, speed boating, and windsurfing for hardcore watersports lovers.

Visitors who want to roam around may rent an all-terrain vehicle; others who wish to be windswept could endure the trek to Mt. Luho, the highest point on the island, where a zip-line ride could be enjoyed to dispense exhaustion. There is also a mini zoo and a carnival for those with kids.

Prior research about Boracay will undoubtedly benefit your tropical island experience. Traveling to the Philippines’ premier tourist spot can indeed be an experience, especially as Boracay, from being a virgin paradise, has been turned into a tourist paradise.

Here’s an infographic to help you prepare for your most awaited Boracay vacation:

Infographic - Boracay Tips and Guides