DoT-Boracay Advises Tourists To Choose Guides Wisely

DoT-Boracay Advises Tourists To Choose Guides Wisely

Department of Tourism – Boracay officials issued a warning for travelers to beware of fake tourist guides and commissioners on the famed island.

Although petty crimes are unavoidable in Boracay, officials reiterated the safety warning following a reported theft from five Korean nationals in the last week of January.

According to the victims, they booked for a sailing activity in Barangay Balabag and left their bags to an island commissioner’s care. After sailing, they were no longer able to locate the commissioner. Boracay police identified the crime style as “salisi.”

Artemio Ticar, officer-in-charge of DoT-Boracay, said that they warn tourists regarding overcharging and “salisi. “Be extra aware of unlicensed tour guides along the beachfront offering their water sports activities,” he said.

Boracay tourism officials said that there are at least 20 licensed tourist guides on the island. Travelers, especially first-timers, should require guides and commissioners to show their license before agreeing on any service deal.

Ticar also reminded travelers to take care of their belongings. “Beware also of snatching in the beachfront. You should avoid bringing any valuables to the beach as theft is occasionally reported to the local police,” he added.

To keep crimes in Boracay at bay, the local police station remains open daily and on holidays. DoT-Boracay staff is also assigned to the office 24 hours and cooperate with other agencies to assist tourists.