The Boracay Life Saving Heroes – Who Are They?

The Boracay Life Saving Heroes – Who Are They?

The beautiful island of Boracay is never without tourists. No matter the weather, people come and visit Boracay’s white sand and can’t resist taking a dip in the water.

Like any other beaches in the country and the world, there are a few drowning instances on the island. These incidents are sometimes caused by the strong current in the water during the rainy season and/or sometimes lack of swimming skills.

This 2015, there were about at least 62 people that were saved from a near-drowning experience in the island recorded from January to August, according to Red Cross – Boracay Chapter. 

Thanks to the Boracay Life Guards from Stations 1, 2, and 3, 62 lives were saved. It’s good to know that there are 26 Red Cross Life Guards who are in charge of ensuring the safety of both the tourists and locals on the island.

Boracay Island is a world-class beach and is visited by thousands of tourists from all walks of life. It is excellent to know that the island’s beaches are guarded by equipped and well-trained lifeguards 24/7 who are very dedicated to keeping everyone safe in the water. Boracay lifeguards are trained by Australian professionals and are one of the best in the country.

Every near-drowning accident is critical, and most often are risky, the drowning victim can die within 4 minutes without air. When you’re saving lives, there’s no room for mistakes. That’s why Boracay’s lifeguards train regularly to keep their healthy physique and to act quickly when drowning accidents happen.

We may forget that there are lifeguards in the vicinity when we visit Boracay or any beach in the country, but they are always there watching and ready to save our lives. Most of the time, people don’t give them enough credit and/or are not given recognition for performing their sworn duty.

How do we give recognition to our modern-day heroes?

We give them recognition by following their rules and regulations when you’re at the beach. We provide credit by being responsible enough to stay away from potential risk and danger when swimming at the beach.

It is a relief to know that we have these heroes to watch over us and keep us safe when we visit Boracay Island. The next time you visit the island, don’t forget to let them know that you’re glad that they’re there to keep you and make you feel safe.

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