Boracay Island: A Dreamland For All Ages

Boracay Island A Dreamland For All Ages

With the holidays just around the corner, you might already have plans for a family getaway. 

If not, an island escapade might be in order. There are a host of Boracay activities for the children to try, aside from enjoying the beautiful white sand beach, of course.

Your standard Boracay adventure might include rock diving, SCUBA diving, and parasailing. Imagine being in the middle of a tropical paradise, with all the modern conveniences of a city. Dial the adventure a bit for the kids, and you’ll realize just how child-friendly this beautiful island is. Having fun in Boracay is relatively easy, as most hotels offer family-friendly facilities and activities. Even at budget hotels, hotel and resort staff are thoughtful and considerate toward children, so their safety is not too much of a concern. Knowing they are cared for is a good thing, as it will help you focus on some fun activities.

Cruising the Islands

Aside from Boracay’s main island, there are many incredible sights to explore in the smaller neighboring islands. Children will find the wind on their faces while speeding on a small motorboat refreshing, and they’ll discover parts of Boracay not seen by everyone. An island cruise is an adventure in exploration for the young ones.

The “Bottomless” Boat Ride

If your children are too young or don’t know how to swim, they can still take part in the beach fun. To quench their curiosity, a ride on the glass-bottom boat will give them a view of the deep waters without swimming lessons. The “bottomless” boat ride will provide them with a glimpse of the island’s underwater paradise.

Happy Dreamland

Have you ever ridden a “sky-cycle” or a roller coaster with pedals? If not, then Happy Dreamland, the theme park in the center of a tropical paradise, is for you. Referred to as the “Disneyland of Boracay Island,” it will bring out the child in you, with its fun rides and exciting activities. Complete with a grand carousel and go-karts, it features Boracay’s other side, away from beach activities and water sports. It also houses a butterfly exhibit, mini zoo, and the famous Trick Art Museum, where kids can experience being part of different works of art.

As you can see, Boracay is not only a romantic getaway for the grown-ups; it’s also a fun adventure place for the kids.