Only In Boracay: 5 Things this Immaculate Island Is Proud Of

Only In Boracay 5 Things this Immaculate Island Is Proud Of

There are many activities and places that set this reverent Philippines Island apart from beaches all over the world. Below are just some of those things that can be done and found only in Boracay.

The Sand

Let’s start with the most obvious. There are beaches worldwide with white sand, which isn’t as fine as you’d like it to be. There are others with sand that is as fine as a powder but probably not as white. Boracay receives the distinction of having white, powdery sand where you can walk barefoot and not hurt yourself. Complemented by the clear blue waters, the shoreline’s sight alone is already a feast for the eyes.

The Islands

Boracay has 12 islands that people can visit. Tourists can book a day-long island hopping trip, one of Boracay’s more popular activities, that will take them to different areas on the island. Each beach is unique and offers something different than the rest. The Puka Shell Beach, for instance, is a contrast to the White Beach because of its rough sand filled with puka shell. The minimalist and stripped-down appearance of the resort appeals to those who want to enjoy nature at its barest.

The Sunset

The sun eventually has to set, and what better way to see it than by viewing it on a sailboat amidst Boracay’s blue seas? Whether you’re in a romantic mood or just basking in this tropical heaven’s natural wonder, there’s arguably no better way to cap your day than to see it set in the most awe-inspiring way possible.

The Food

After the sunset, you can kick it down with your friends by walking along the shoreline to find a bevy of eateries to choose from. From the homeliest of bars that sell great beers at even greater prices to the swankiest of restaurants that offer fine dining, there’s something for everybody when it comes to satisfying their appetite.


The locals of a Boracay beach resort are reflective of one’s stay there. Consider this: if Boracay is always packed with visitors regardless of the season, then you’ll have the most courteous and friendliest people in the world to thank.

Boracay’s sights and sounds are what draws people from all parts of the world to book a flight there, but the locals are what makes them come back there again and again. Filipinos are genuinely helpful people brimming with positive energy, which translates well into how they accommodate outlanders.

If you have visited Boracay, what do you feel are the places and activities that set it apart from other beaches in the world? Share your thoughts by commenting below!