6 (Plus 2 Day-Ender) Boracay Activities to Spice Up Father’s Day

6 Boracay Activities to Spice Up Father’s Day on Boracay Island

If you have read our article on ways to spoil your mum on Mother’s Day you’ll know that there are plenty of activities on Boracay to choose from.

Now, it is the time for our fathers—our protector and provider—to receive the same special treatment on the day set to honour them.

Father’s Day will again be a sight of daughters, sons, and wives gathering together to celebrate the greatness of the most special man in their lives.

If you want to make your dad feel extra special on this special day, then there is no place more perfect than Boracay. Known for its captivating white sand and clear waters, Boracay offers tons of exciting activities to bond with and exhilarate your favorite man, making it a top getaway choice among family vacationers. Here is a list of 6 best group adventures (plus 2 day-enders) to do with your dad, pop, or papa:

Kite Surfing

Dads who love playing with the wind will fall in love straight away with the Philippines’ renowned kite-surfing location Asia-wide. Bulabog, the “back beach” of Boracay, can give your dad an unforgettable experience even if he barely knows how to control a big kite to save his life. Kite-surfing, priced around Php3,000 per head for 1 hour and 30 minutes, is a good activity to kick-start a high-octane trip in Boracay.


Sailing mid-air kite-like looks inviting from below, but once you are up there with your dad, you would wish you have taken an anti-vertigo pill. This activity is not only uniquely exciting, but it also amazes with the wide view of the island you and your dad will be able to see. Priced between Php1,500 and Php2,000 pax-based, parasailing on Bulabog for at least 15 minutes is a worthwhile moderate-adrenaline activity.

Scuba Diving

Take to the underwater world to explore caves and tunnels and be with fishes and corals. Scuba diving is apt for a medium group, so bring your dad and siblings to one of the over 15 dive sites around the island. For only Php3,000 per person, you can see Boracay’s colorful underwater for 30 minutes—all the memories recorded in video and pictures! Having the beginner’s jitter? Don’t worry, there is a starter course before the dive.

ATV Ride

Among on-land activities, nothing is more recommended than riding the huge wheels of all-terrain vehicles. Boracay ATV ride lets you roam around the island as far as the wheels of the quad bikes allow. Head to the final destination on Mount Luho to capture the amazing views of all the beaches and surrounding islands. All these treats only cost Php1,000 to Php1,500 per hour per unit, so hop on and form your family cavalcade.


Superman or sitting—take a pick from these positions for the ultimate zoom ride of your life. Zipline ride in Boracay can be paired with a Zorb roll or cable car ride depending on the provider, but rest assured that the 300-metre distance can extract the craziest scream out of you. With a price range of Php700 to Php1,300, Boracay zipline wouldn’t be a top-grosser if not for the pure adrenaline rush it offers.


A traditional beach activity, jet-skiing won’t get old as an adventure for speed and water lovers. Make two pairs and race through the turquoise waters for 15 minutes, costing Php1,500 per unit; or extend your father-son ride for one hour for only Php3,500 per unit. You can also rent a jet ski to tour around the island via water—if perfectly timed, you can even capture the early glimpse of the beautiful Boracay sunset.


Sun watching at White Beach

Speaking of having a glimpse of the sun, Boracay seems to be at a great spot for infusing subtlety to sunrise or sunset watching. After a long day of exhausting activities, let your mum and dad recall their sweet good old days at White Beach, with soft white sand beneath them and warm rays drenching their body. Don’t miss the chance: Sneak a few meters behind and capture this moment in your camera!

Dinner at a restaurant

As it is a celebration for your dad, why not treat your parents to dinner at a restaurant found only in Boracay? Make sure to have them sample the island’s specialties or try dishes at international restaurants. Strive to arrange a front-beach table for two, a suitable setup for a romantic date for your beloved parents.