Top 20 Boracay Activities You Must Do

Top 20 Boracay Activities You Must Do on Boracay Island

The natural wonders in Boracay are what draws tourists into one of the most popular tropical destinations in the world.

If you plan on taking a vacation at the island, we have compiled 20 of the best Boracay activities that you should do while you’re there.

Eco tours

Gain a more profound appreciation of the natural resources found on these beaches by taking an eco-tour trip. Two of the more popular ones in Boracay are the VIP Eco Tour (Php1,600) and Indiana Jones Eco Tour (Php4,500).

Spa and massage

Go full-throttle into your relaxation plans by going to the spas and massage centers lined up along the beachfront. The prices are flexible (Php400-12,000) and depend on the types of services you want.

Segway island adventures

This 2-hour tour will take you away from the crowded Boracay White Beach and into the more intimate parts of the island. Trip costs Php4,500 per person.

Mountain bike trekking

Bikers looking for a different challenge can take on the 5-hour tour at Panay at Php2,000 per person. At the end of the trip, they will be greeted with a picnic lunch beside a waterfall.

Fishing adventure

While you’re at the beach, you might as well try out fishing using the tried and tested hand lines! Call time for taking a ride from the beachfront to the area where you will fish is at 5 am and costs Php4,500 for 4 persons.

Stand-up Paddle

Paddle your way around the waters at the slow river in Panay and get intimate with the island. The stand-up paddle, which costs Php2,000 per person, adds a unique touch to the experience.

Helicopter Ride

See Boracay from a different view, hundreds of feet above the air! Choose from the 10-minute White Beach Tour (Php3,500) and the 15-minute Island Tour (Php5,300).


Experience the good life at Boracay with your friends by travelling through its clear waters with style while riding a luxury yacht! Requires at least four people in the yacht and ranges from Php2,000-5,000, depending on the chosen package.

Sunset Cruise

If you’re the romantic type, then get up close with the island’s sunset by taking a cruise trip, which also includes bottomless beer, fire dancing, and more! Pick up from the beachfront is at 4 pm and costs Php1,200 per person.

Henna tattoo

Take Boracay with you before you leave by getting a henna tattoo. Prices range from Php80-350, depending on the design.

Buggy cars and Go-Karts

For Php800+, race your friends at the track during your downtime from the beach and have a friendly competition by riding a go-kart. If you’re in the adventurous mood, then ride buggy cars instead and travel the different parts of the island.


Get a better view of the white sand and blue waters of Boracay as you descend from a tropic jungle using a zipline. For Php750+, get hitched from the Boracay station to the location of the zipline and back.


Even wondered how a ball feels like while rolling down a slope? Getting inside the Zorb Hill Adventure is the closest feeling you’ll ever get. Riding the spherical bubble for a 30-second ride down a hill costs Php350+.


Immerse yourself in the experience of the beach by snorkelling, kayaking, and hopping to the different island around Boracay. The tour costs Php1,200+ per head.

Banana boat

A staple at Boracay, riding a banana boat is the ultimate beach experience with your friends and loved ones. A ride per person costs Php200+.

Tornado jet boat

If you want a more extreme banana boat ride, then the tornado jet boat should quench your thirst for adrenaline rush! For Php1,500+ per head, you will sit down and fasten your seatbelts as you rip through the tides at breakneck speed.


If you want to ride the waves while taking full control of the wheel, then waterskiing is for you! The ride costs Php1,000+ for a 15-minute ride and Php1,500+ for a 30-minute ride.


Let the sea breeze take you for a ride across the beach with this extreme activity. For beginners, windsurfing lessons costs Php19,000+ at Station 2 of White Beach. If you’re good enough, then try out the waves and wind at Bulabog Beach.

Paraw sailing

Arguably the most popular water sport in Boracay, paraw sailing provides the perfect escape from the life you left at home. You can speed up, race with friends, take it easy, and enjoy the sun – the choice is yours! A boat is good for 2-6 persons and costs Php500+ per head.

Ariel’s Point

Let loose your inhibitions and just jump into this tour! Aside from the cliff jump activity, the Buruanga half-day package also includes snorkeling and a buffet barbeque lunch with a group. Travel time to the island destination from White Beach is 30 minutes. Tour costs Php1,400+.