That’s So Boracay! Top 5 Things that You’ll Only Experience On This Pristine Beach

Top 5 Things that You’ll Only Experience On This Pristine Beach

Boracay is one of the Philippines’ crowning natural glories. It’s picturesque beachfront of white sand, and clear waters genuinely deserve the reputation as one of the world’s top island destinations.

Photographs don’t do justice to the beauty of 2012’s best island in the world as awarded by Travel + Leisure. Put merely, Boracay must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Unlike the other beaches worldwide, Boracay stands tall above all because of the small things that will make your visit on this pristine island uniquely unforgettable. Below are five things that make Boracay one of the best beaches you’ll ever visit, if not the best.

Chori Burger

This staple in American cuisine is usually produced and consumed in urban places. However, Boracay adopts this classic beef patty and bun recipe and puts a tropical twist to it!

Why is it so Boracay? Chori burgers are considered as a beloved “street food” On the island. A Chori burger’s patty is made from chorizo, a cured pork sausage, and topped with special sauce for that sweet and satisfying taste.

Calamansi Muffin

Another American favorite turned into a tropical treat. These muffins purchased from Real Coffee have a zesty flavor and leaves a tangy taste, which is unlike anything you’ve tasted before from a muffin!

Why is it so Boracay? Similar to the Chori Burger, Real Coffee turns something familiar and makes it a favorite island delicacy that’s unique to Boracay.

Ariel’s Point

If you’re the adventurous type, you shouldn’t miss out on going to Ariel’s Point! Feel the adrenalin rush by cliff-diving off varying heights (from 3-13 meters). For the faint-hearted, you can still enjoy Boracay’s splendor by swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking, among other aquatic activities. This 5-hour trip package includes a scenic boat ride, BBQ buffet, unlimited drinks, full access to equipment and amenities to experience a feast of the senses!

Why is it so Boracay? Aside from the beauty of Ariel’s Point, one thing that stands out is the service provided by the staff. Their helpfulness and friendliness that radiates through their smiles are traits that are proudly Filipino.

Local Bead Craft

Business is booming in Boracay! Besides the multitude of restaurants and shops found on the island, locals sell local beads along the shoreline.

Why is it so Boracay? The products sold promotes the natural resources found on the island, as the colorful and well-crafted necklaces and bracelets can easily pass off as high-end jewelry.

Paraw Sunset Cruise

If a view can kill, then this sunset cruise is to die for. Visitors get onto a paraw, Boracay’s version of a sailboat, and ride off away from the shore to get near the faded sun that slowly sinks in the horizon.

Why is it so Boracay? Known as Boracay’s famous seascape, a close view at Paraw of the sun setting and the sublime beachfront from a distance lets you marvel at the immensity of nature that is usually taken for granted. It is arguably one of the things that you’ll remember the most from your trip on this glorious island.