A Starters Guide To Spending Your Holiday On Boracay

A Starters Guide To Spending Your Holiday On Boracay

Boracay Island is one of the world’s most popular tropical destinations.

However, the clear blue waters and white powdery sand amidst the sweltering sun is not only a summer haven but a year-long tourist spot. There is so much to do and enjoy in Boracay, especially during the holidays!

If you plan to celebrate your Christmas and New Year in the paradise island, here’s your quick guide on what to expect and how to prepare for spending your holiday at Boracay island.

Christmas Starts In September On Boracay

Filipinos celebrate the Christmas season as early as September, the first “-ber” month. You’ll hear local radio stations playing Christmas carols, and stores and shops blaring their brand of holiday music from inside their premises. This early start can be strange as first if you’re not used to how Filipinos love to celebrate special occasions as much as they can.

Book Early For Your Boracay Holiday

December is considered a peak season on the island. Call your choice of hotel in Boracay as early as a month or two in advance to reserve the room of your choosing. Also, booking as early as possible may allow you to apply for any special offers and promotions.

Experience A Boracay Christmas Eve Dinner

“Noche Buena” is a traditional Filipino feast celebrated at midnight on December 25th. At Boracay, you will get to choose from local specialties, Western favorites, and succulent seafood. While partaking on these hearty dishes, carolers and music ensembles will be singing your favorite holiday classics to complete your holiday experience, tropical style!

Christmas Eve dinner is celebrated by the different hotels and restaurants on the island. You can enquire with the resort you’re staying in and reserve a table for this dinner. If you prefer a more festive venue to enjoy Christmas Eve dinner, look through restaurants along the beachfront, and make your reservations there. Also, check out the food they’ll be serving that evening and choose the restaurant that offers the food you like.

Watch New Year Fireworks On Boracay’s White Sand

Using fireworks as the New Year commences is known to drive out the bad luck from the previous year and start the coming year with a clean slate. More importantly, fireworks are a sight to behold as they explode in different colors from the sky.

At Boracay, the fireworks are set up across the shore into the horizon and are lit up as the clock strikes midnight. People along the beachfront will get to enjoy the vibrant colors shooting up the night sky. However, anticipate lots of people flocking to the shoreline during this time.

If you wish to enjoy the New Year fireworks without clawing and elbowing your way from the crowd, you can enquire at the local hotels and resorts for a complete view of the fireworks.