Boracay Is Tourist-Ready For “Habagat” Season

Boracay Is Tourist-Ready For “Habagat” Season

Boracay Department of Tourism has assured tourists that the famous island is business as usual during the entire habagat season.

Department Of Tourism-Boracay officer-in-charge Artemio Ticar said that the southwest monsoon had reached the island in early June, and it will last until the end of October. During this season, strong winds blow from the west of the island and flurry the sand on the White Beach stretch. Establishments located on the affected side set up mesh screens or windbreakers to abate the onslaught’s impact.

According to Ticar, there is no offseason in Boracay, even during habagat. Although the resumption of classes diminishes the number of domestic arrivals, international arrivals tend to remain active. Koreans, Chinese, and Taiwanese prefer this season for their visit.

During the June-November half of the year, Boracay hotels and resorts and other commercial establishments apply lower rates for their services to buffer the reduced tourist arrivals rate to Boracay. Besides enjoying affordable special packages for the rainy season, visitors visiting the island also appreciate a quieter Boracay. The action moves to the Bulabog side, safe from the gusty winds.

The onset of the southwest monsoon also alters the docking areas of boats.

Because of the strong winds, boat trips in Caticlan Jetty Port are transferred to Tabon Port in Panay, and those in Cagban Port are transferred to Tambisaan Port on southeast Boracay.

All these changes do not diminish the enjoyment visitors can have on the island, though. “Tourists can still enjoy their favorite sea sports activities at the Bulabog Beach since the water there is calm and flat during the habagat season,” Ticar said.

Visitor safety remains in check by Boracay PNP, whose Police Community Relations Section launched Sticker Campaign Project PROTECT. In partnership with other organizations, this project provides valuable tips to visitors to not become easy prey. The Boracay Tourist Assistance Centre also operates non-stop to accommodate questions from and provide assistance to tourists.