Boracay: A Romantic Valentine Island Getaway

Boracay A Romantic Valentine Island Getaway - couple on Boracay Island

Boracay, one of the Philippines’ premier islands, receives constant publicity through word of mouth from travelers and recognitions from travel authorities worldwide.

One recent distinction came from Travel + Leisure magazine, whose February 2013 issue hailed Boracay as the fifth most romantic island globally. Despite its response to modernization, this achievement proves that the island still is a perfect place as it can be for tourists looking for a destination for Valentine’s Day. 

As a top island destination in the world, Boracay ensures to be a destination for all occasions.

In February, the month of love, the island turns into an escape that shapes lovers’ vacations with romance, thrill, and privacy. With all these packaged together, Boracay island is remarkably everyone’s dream Valentine’s Day paradise.

Love Is In the Air Even On Boracay!

Valentine’s season or not, lovers chose to spend their time together at this world-class beach. Many of them can be seen walking barefooted along the beach’s very powdery white sands, kissing against the sunset, or sharing a candlelit dinner at one of the beachfront restaurants or hotels in Boracay. Also, Boracay has been a go-to place by the newlyweds for their honeymoons.

Boracay For the Month Of Love

Beach-fringed Boracay may have the finest and softest coastal sand in the world—this is one of the qualities Travel + Leisure attributed to the famous island destination. Lovers only have to take a 45-minute flight from Manila to Panay Island, then a boat ride to Boracay before they can reignite their passion with its romantic environment, couple activities, and several tranquil areas.

February is a high-season month in Boracay island. Hotels even report a sizable increase in couples who would request special dinners at their designated spots. There are several water sports to nurture closeness; late in the afternoon, sailing while waiting for sunset cannot get any sweeter with the chance to take silhouetted photographs against the vermillion dusk horizon.

What is it like in Boracay during the month of love?

To make Valentine’s day more special, Boracay’s hotels and resorts decorate their rooms and public rooms with occasion-related designs. Flowers sit fresh in their vases on dining tables and desks in rooms. Some play romantic love songs on the centralized stereo system.

The outside scene makes it more noticeable that it is indeed a special day for lovers. Couples hold hands while walking on the beach, some snuggle by the shore, and the active ones sail alone together or engage in activities for two. Although lovers’ scenes are a common sight in Boracay, they become more evident during the month of love.

Why should people spend Valentine’s Day in Boracay?

The range of romantic activities in Boracay makes it one of the best options for spending the heart’s day, whether as a couple or as a group. Couples choose the island for the great memories that can be created in its tranquil and active vibe. Puka Beach is for those who want seclusion while watching the beautiful sunset, while the Bulabog Beach can entertain adventurous love birds with the various water sport activities. Almost every place in Boracay can be an apt location for picture taking, and creative lovers can find ways to bond and enjoy.

Why do couples choose Boracay?

Many couples in the Philippines add Boracay to their must-visit list. Aside from the prestige of having been to the famous island, there is also the experience of the powdery, white sand, the nightlife, and the island itself that drives them to make their dream come true. And if they can travel to the island on Valentine’s Day, that would be an incredibly special treat for both.

Boracay attracts all kinds of tourists—adventurous, laidback, luxurious, frugal. Couples on a budget can opt for homestays in the towns in exchange for a few minutes of walk to the White Beach. Those with a more extensive budget have no problem availing activities and dining at restaurants and hotels. For a destination that even walking hand-to-hand becomes memorable, it does not matter what the expense.

What can Boracay offer lovers?

For Valentine’s Day, staff in resorts and hotels are ready to be accomplices to male patrons in setting up their surprises for their beloved. Flowers can be requested to be delivered before dining, and rooms can be set up with scented candles and petals to create a romantic mood. Of course, the island is an excellent location for popping the big question—whether it is in the crowded or quiet beach, getting to one’s knee can never be more tear-jerking than one done on Boracay’s world-class fine sand.

How do you set a romantic mood for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? 

Would the standard chocolate and flowers suffice? What if there was a way to express your love while enjoying an unforgettable island paradise experience with your loved one? Boracay Island makes this possible, and it’s not just the beach we’re talking about.

Aside from the beautiful, pristine white-sand beaches, the island features a multitude of special Boracay activities to do that can help you and your loved one create lasting memories.

Romantic Establishments

Many high-end resorts and hotels satisfy travelers to Boracay, who are seeking luxury. Boracay Resort and Spa, Monaco Suites de Boracay, Regency Lagoon Resort, Discovery Shores, and Boracay Beach Club are top on the list for star-quality accommodation and services. But the one Travel + Leisure featured for its unique offerings is not even in this list. Mandala Spa & Villas, modern accommodation in White Beach’s Station 3, provides yoga classes, massage services, and healthy food choices on top of a coveted cliff-side location.

Activities To Spark the Love

Getting wet by the turquoise waters is rated on another level with the numerous water activities on Boracay Island. Couples can scuba divekitesurf, windsurf, snorkel, parasail, waterski, and skimboard at Station 2, the area in White Beach famous for these instructed activities. Those on a double date can ride a glass-bottomed boat and tour the small islands nearby, stopping by notable spots like Puka Beach and Bulabog Beach.

Inland far from the water also offers several exciting experiences. Mount Luho, whose peak provides a panoramic view of the island, is famous among tourists for its viewing tower. Highly adventurous love birds can visit the Bat Caves in Yapak, the Butterfly Farm in Bulabog Beach, the coral beds on White Beach’s southern end, and the oft-photographed Willy’s Rock in White Beach’s Station 1.

Budgeted lovers can also enjoy the island, for even walking hand in hand on the powdery sand can create tingles of romantic joy. Sitting on the less populated Station 3 or Puka Beach shore also gives lovers ample time to reconnect and relive memories to create sweet moments where Boracay serves as an opportune paradisiacal setting.

Romantic Dinner By the Sea

If you want a romantic candlelit dinner with a view, Boracay is your best bet. It not only gives you a view of its beautiful seaside; it also offers you the chance to enjoy the cool sea breeze and the relaxing sound of the waves as they calmly hit the shore. Several beachfront restaurants on the island offer various cuisines—from the standard fare to the exotic. You can also enjoy a beachfront meal in several hotels and resorts in Boracay or take your food and enjoy a relaxing picnic on the beach with your loved one.

Stimulating Water Sports

When in Boracay, staying indoors may not be the best idea. If you and your partner are more of the adventurous type, you’ll be glad you spent Valentine’s Day in Boracay. The most sought after Boracay activities are its thrilling water sports. Enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving in one of Asia’s best coral reefs. Parasailing and windsurfing are also must-try experiences. These activities will not only pump up your adrenaline but also bring you and your partner closer together, especially if it’s your first time. There is a local community of divers and water sports enthusiasts that offer lessons to first-timers, so you don’t have to miss on the action.

Horseback Riding

Remember those slow-motion sequences in the movies where the leading man or woman rides on horseback while traversing the beach? Now you can create your very own romantic horseback riding scene with your love by visiting the horse stables in Sitio Pinaungon. Riding on horseback will spice up your long walks on the beach.

Sunset in Paradise

Imagine a fiery orange sky lighting the cool blue-green sea waters, and you have a rough picture of a sunset in Boracay. An image that can only be likened to a painting, sunset on the island is not to be missed, especially on such a unique, love-filled occasion. Enjoy coffee or a cool drink as you and your loved one marvel at the fantastic color transformations the sunset brings. Up the ante by enjoying the sunset on your paraw sailboat, as the waves and cool sea breeze gently rock you. After taking advantage of the many Boracay activities you can enjoy, the sunset is a welcome—and relaxing—conclusion to an exciting day on the island.

This February, make Valentine’s Day a special event by planning early and making reservations in Boracay’s many hotels and resorts. Your partner will thank you for it, and the island’s many exciting adventures and lovely sights will have both of you coming back for more.

Some tours to enjoy with your loved one: