Aklan Hits Billions In Tourism Revenue For 2019

Aklan Hits Billions In Tourism Revenue For 2019

According to the Aklan Provincial Tourism Office, the province of Aklan reached an estimated earning of P62.5 billion in 2019.

Boracay, the famous island on the Aklan province’s northern tip, was identified as a significant contributor to this considerable revenue, despite the island being closed for six months last year.

In 2018, the world-class destination of Aklan received a record number of 7.1 million tourists. Of this number, around 1 billion visited Boracay Island.

Cruise Lines Now Visiting Boracay

Governor Miraflores forecast that Boracay’s international fame will continue to rise because of the six cruise ships that will visit in the coming years. Bringing wealthy tourists to see the beauty of the island are MS Columbus, MS Europa1, MS Superstar Gemini, MS Superstar Aquarius, MS Costa Victoria, and MS Europa 2.

Infrastructure Upgrades for Tourists in Boracay

Also, several infrastructure projects have been in place to improve visitors’ convenience, including the installation of security equipment in jetty ports and terminals, rehabilitation of roll-in roll-off ramps, and establishment of check-in system at the docks, among others.

Governor Miraflores added that the provincial government would promote the Lagatik River Cruise in New Washington, Aklan, to show the spots in Pinamuk-an, Kapispisan, and Tinagong Dagat of Batan. Also in line are the improvements to the Kalibo International Airport and the construction of circumferential roads and bridges in Kalibo and the suburbs.