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Koreans Remain Boracay’s Top Tourist in 2013

Koreans Remain Boracay’s Top Tourist in 2013

South Koreans are still the top foreign tourists in the Philippines’ most renowned beach, Boracay, for 2013.

In a document provided by the Caticlan Jetty Port operator, the 2013 foreign tourist arrival outcome amounted to 615,508, a higher number compared to 473,286 in 2012.

“It is encouraging to know that Boracay continues to lure foreign tourists despite the typhoon Yolanda that hit the resort island on November 8, 2013,” said Niven Maquirang, administrator of the jetty port.

Leading the drove of Boracay tourists are Koreans (208,665), followed by Chinese (200,794), Taiwanese (39,706), Russians (19,407), Americans (19,316), Australians (16,889), Singaporeans (11,102), Japanese (7,726), and Hong Kong citizens (7,700).

Where Do Other Visitors To Boracay Come From?

In 2012, Taiwanese tourists came in second, while mainland China visitors were third; visitors from the USA, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Germany, and Japan were also frequent travelers to the famous island.

Boracay’s total tourist arrivals reached its highest so far, with 1,363,601 visitors in 2013. Of this number, 615,508 were foreigners, while 748,093 were domestic tourists.

According to the Provincial Tourism Operations Office, Boracay tourist arrivals in 2013 generated over Php25 billion in tourism receipts.

Owing to Boracay’s vibrant tourism industry, the Caticlan Jetty Port also earned almost Php300 million in terminal fees and local taxes. This number was a hundred million higher than its Php197.5 million revenue in 2012.