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Happy Dreamland: Huge Fun Multiplier On Boracay

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Happy Dreamland Huge Fun Multiplier On Boracay


Five years ago, some families with children might have hesitated to go to Boracay for thinking that there is a lack of entertainment for little ones. Then came Happy Dreamland Theme Park, a place so colourful and thrilling that instantly has become a must-visit attraction to include in anyone’s itinerary.

What is Happy Dream Land?

Happy Dreamland Theme Park is an amusement park in Boracay, sprawled over 22,000 square meters of land in Barangay Balabag in Station 1. Labeled the “Disneyland of Boracay Island,” this attraction promotes both happiness and enjoyment, making it a perfect place to experience childhood again with the entire family or to frolic with an entire barkada. Since its opening in 2012, it has more than ten different rides to thrill visitors and play with their imagination.

Park activities

Slam cars with Bumper Car, sway around like a kid with Merry Go Round, and swing to heights with Viking. These are just three relaxing rides in Happy Dreamland that are considered easy ones—not the types that would make you break in a cold sweat.

But if you want to infuse a little adrenaline, go for Sky Bicycle and pedal casually along rails raised meters above-ground. That would make you quite giddy if you fear heights, but nothing would make your head roll than the close-to-daredevil Zorb—get inside and roll downhill to get the idea of how to become a ball!

Rock & Roll, Aladino, Flume Ride, Top Jet, and Super Swing are other choices for you to spend some time laughing in good nerves.  If you are artistic, you can get inside the Trick Art Museum, a rather new attraction that lets you interact with paintings.

Why you should go

After getting spent from riding waves, boats, and kites, go here to spend time with the children or to find that child in you. This place is a perfect summer afternoon destination, especially when the sky is cloudy enough to let you try all activities. With each ride cheaper than watersports, you can get value for your money here. Come with your group to multiply the fun, or come alone and meet new friends in this amusement park where what you need are only a playful spirit and soaring imagination.