Get Off The Beach: Top 8 Land Activities On Boracay

Hold your breath and imagine the fun you can have with these Boracay activities!
Get Off The Beach Top 8 Land Activities On Boracay

If you are like most tourists who avoid Boracay during the rainy season, then you surely look forward to the tons of land activities it can offer during the booming summer months.

Hold your breath and imagine the fun you can have with these activities!

Buggy cart or ATV

A speedy approach to Mount Luho is best done on four huge wheels. The ATV ride is for single riders who are brave enough to maneuver on the challenging trails. Twin riders can rent a buggy cart instead; it is right for couples who want to see everything on the island while saving the sweat. Island operators offer the ATV and buggy cart for one hour, the former at around Php1,000, the latter at Php1,500.

Horseback riding

A more eco-friendly option than carting or ATV, horseback riding satisfies the same purpose of roaming around the island for an hour, but with the dainty extra of riding one of the fastest animals in slack. Of course, if you are an equestrian, feel free to sprint to see more of the island within the one-hour time.


Another no-impact land activity, biking is a fun solo diversion that doubles as a mild exercise. This is best done early morning or close to dusk, when the sky just starts to change colour.


Perfect for a finale, massage is a relaxing activity best tried with friends or a partner. Boracay hotels and resorts specialise in various kinds of massage therapies, so you will not run out of choices in case you want to have it every day of your stay. Laidback and luxurious, having a massage offers a great way to reflect on your experiences on the island.


Shopping is a last-day activity that is both exciting for the variety of souvenirs to find and challenging for the haggling prowess it demands. D’Mall is the best shopping center to search for take-homes, from fancy jewellery and home decors to printed clothes and native products. Follow the established trick: Buy in bulk and in a group.

Food hunting

Of course, all great activities have to be matched by the wide selection of foods and drinks. Start from D’Mall and D’Talipapa for the cheaper diners, then for specialised tastes, check out international restaurants at any of the three boat stations that serve Spanish, Mexican, Indian, Western—you name it! First timer? Then surprise your palate with varied tastes in a whole-day food trip.


Get inside a transparent ball solo, double, or trio and roll downhill to get a dose of your desired adrenaline. For more control, ride it on a level surface, just enjoying like a hamster and learning how to move like a ball. Up the challenge by requesting to go over inflatable ramps!