Why Are Foreigners Madly in Love With Boracay?

Why Are Foreigners Madly in Love With Boracay?

Boracay is more than just a pristine beach located at the heart of the Philippines. 

For foreigners, it has become their second home, a sanctuary away from their everyday lives.

If you’re wondering why Boracay is packed with foreigners all the time, below are some of the reasons.

Incredible Natural Resources

There’s so much nature to enjoy on Boracay Island. Foreigners aiming for relaxation with some snorkeling on the side can be found at the Baling Hai Beach. For those who want to see Boracay’s beauty horizon, Mount Luho offers an awe-inspiring view 100 meters above sea level.

However, there’s nothing more natural than Boracay’s world-famous powdery white sand. The sand is so powdery that you don’t have to wear sandals while walking along the shoreline.

A Perfect Mix of Nature and Nightlife

Once the sun sets in Boracay, this tropical utopia transforms into a party haven. Different bars and restaurants along the beachfront light up the night with their brand of entertainment.

If you’re looking to dance and mingle with other people until the wee hours of the morning or kick it back with a drink or two after a long day, then you’ll have more than enough choice to satisfy the night owl in you.

Criminally Affordable

Due to the Philippines’ low exchange rate compared to other countries, foreigners can afford to go on a spending spree while in Boracay. Looking past the expensive stores and tour packages in D’mall, Boracay’s central area of commerce, other boutiques sell products and services at low prices and affordable resorts and hotels in Boracay.

Foreigners can enjoy a complete day tour complete with meals and snacks for as low as Php1,000, which costs approximately $25US. Beers and drinks cost half a dollar, so don’t be surprised if you see them populate the evening’s bars. Also, the low-cost Boracay real estate market has encouraged foreigners to buy land and settle here.

Succulent Food

Foreigners get acclimated with Boracay’s taste by hitting the wet market to get the freshest seafood and have it cooked in any style they want. Not a seafood, but Lechon, the Philippine’s version of the suckling pig, is a crispy and flavorful delicacy that foreigners have fallen in love with.

Down to Earth People

Filipinos are regarded as one of the friendliest, most respectful, and more accommodating people globally, and Boracay is the country’s platform to their inimitable qualities to the Philippines. Most of the people here speak English so that you won’t deal much with the language barrier present on other beaches.

Locals go the extra mile to make their guests comfortable and make their stay as best as possible. Foreigners can ask them for the best places to visit that give them lots of bang for their buck.

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