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Exploring The Top Diving Sites On Boracay Island

Exploring The Top Diving Sites On Boracay Island

Boracay Island is a must-see wonder.

The locals on Boracay Island are proud of the beautiful and relaxing White Beach, which also happens to be a prevalent tourist choice. There are also tons of activities happening all over the island, urging you to extend your stay in a Boracay beach hotel. One of these activities that you can try is diving. If you are looking forward to exploring the Boracay depths, here are some famous diving spots worth visiting:

The Comforts of Tulubhan Reef

Compared to other diving areas, Tulubhan Reef is a shallow paradise meant for casual or first-time divers. The starting depth is 5 meters, and it can go as deep as 20 meters. Tulubhan has a moderate current flow, which makes the reef essential for underwater sightseeing. Here, you can enjoy Philippine fishes swimming around, along with some eels, feather stars, and traditionally harmless sea snakes.

Tulubhan is just beside the Laguna de Boracay dive site—you have to venture to the island’s eastern side. Reaching the dive site takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes, either by boat or swimming from the shore.

 Entering a New Level Through Yapak Dive Site

As a large diving area divided into four prime spots, Yapak has always been the local tourist’s favorite. If you are an experienced diver who wants some challenge, then Yapak is meant for you. It is not far from the Punta Bunga dive site, and you can reach it by boat within 15 minutes from Boracay Station 1 or 2.

What makes Yapak special? The starting depth is 30 meters, potentially six times higher than Tulobhan Reef. The area’s drop-down point reaches a staggering 70-meter depth, and this can liven up the adventurer’s spirit within you. The depth of Yapak is marvelous, though—you get to swim with reef sharks, tuna, napoleon wrasses, and all other types of marine creatures. The dive site’s current flow is somehow strong, but a guide can accompany you on your underwater escapade.

Explore Authentic Marine Beauty at Crocodile Island

If you go south of Boracay while scouring for the best dive sites, tourists will suggest the famous Crocodile Island. It is known for its near-perfect snorkeling conditions and upright challenge even for experienced divers. One of the factors that make Crocodile Island challenging is the current activity. Before diving in Crocodile Island, check the conditions since the current flow is powerful, to begin with.

The depth of Crocodile Island ranges from 18 to 25 meters, making it accessible for casual divers. It also has a lively reef so that underwater photographers can bring home a collection of vibrant shots. Some of the marine creatures you can find in Crocodile Island are cuttlefish, grouper, lionfish, moray eel, snapper, and scorpionfish. From White Beach, you can take a boat ride and reach Crocodile Island within 15 minutes. Since Crocodile Island is a popular spot, it is advisable to lodge accommodation at a nearby Boracay beach resort hotel.

Any hotel in Boracay can give you information about other dive sites in the area. Most of them have shallow reaches and affordable rates so that you can explore one diving site after another easily. Once you get tired of diving, you can try out other Boracay activities, such as surfing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, and zorbing.