Boracay Tourist Arrivals Up By 18 Percent On Holy Week

Boracay Tourist Arrivals Up By 18 Percent On Holy Week

According to the Malay Tourism Office, during Holy Week, visitor turnout numbers on the resort-island Boracay hit an 18-percent high.

Tim Ticar of the tourism office said that, based on records, Boracay received 46,091 foreign and local tourists from 14th April to 20, higher by 6,971 visitors from last year’s Holy Week period that fell on 25th March to 31.

The increase in the number of tourists during the Lenten season indicated that many Filipinos and foreign visitors still prefer to spend their moment of reflection on Jesus Christ’s sacrifices on Boracay’s beautiful island.

Boracay is an all-time destination for tourists. According to Ticar, this owes to the fact that “there are activities for the adventurous, for families and partygoers.” The island has also been accoladed multiple times by many travel authorities.

How Is Good Friday Observed On Boracay?

The Holy Week period on Boracay is strictly observed on Good Friday when the Via Crucis—a procession that stops at cross stations, each depicting a part of Christ’s life—takes place. This event starts from Manoc-Manoc, traverses the White Beach, and concludes at the Balabag area. After the Via Crucis, a mass is held for the Catholics; this year, Fr. Nonoy Crisostomo officiated the ceremony.

The Boracay local government has been implementing a “no noise, no party” policy on Good Friday since 2010. So, clubs and bars were prohibited from holding parties and boisterous events on this holy day.

Security On Boracay During Good Friday

Police security officers were dispatched around the island, especially on the often-busy areas, To ensure the holiday’s peaceful observance. Tourist assistance desks were also set up to help tourists make the most of their stay. Senior Inspector Mark Evan Salvo said that the preparations paid off, noting that no significant crime incidents happened on the island.