BBRE Team – Trip to Boracay

BBRE Team – Trip to Boracay

Do you want to enjoy Boracay on limited time and budget – First-hand tips from the team at Boracay Beach Real Estate.

At Boracay Beach Real Estate, we aspire to keep updated with the famous island’s current offerings and build camaraderie with the hotels and resorts to bring you the best deals.

Two of our Makati based staff had the opportunity to visit Boracay Island for four days of combined work and pleasure. Read on to hear about Ahnne and Kit’s exciting adventure, who shared some tips on how to make the most of the island with limited time and budget.

The Team

Ahnne and Kit, Boracay Beach Real Estate’s Booking Specialist and Web Marketing Specialist, were privileged to visit the island paradise. The visit’s purpose mainly focused on work, but first-time Boracay tourist Kit (who had gone to other local beaches, though) said he was still excited about the work trip. Ahnne, who visits the island yearly since 2008, anticipated a busy tour, given her previous experience in the industry.

Preparation and Travel To Boracay

Being a photography enthusiast, Kit polished his camera’s lenses and allotted enough space for it in his luggage. Geared for the leisurely sunbathing ahead, Ahnne stashed some pairs of her best swimsuits and cover-ups.

The scheduled departure at 6:45 AM at NAIA Terminal 4 got delayed by thirty minutes. However, they arrived in Kalibo by past eight in the morning, greeted by the awaiting Bus to transfer them to Caticlan Jetty Port. After a short boat and tricycle ride, they checked-in at their first residence provided by Shore Break Boracay ResortPanorama Boracay Resort accommodated Ahnne and Kit for the remaining nights of the trip.

Visiting the Hotels and Resorts on Boracay

With just limited time on the island, Ahnne and Kit set out to accomplish the main goal: inspect facilities of partner accommodations and build a stronger association with the hotel and resort handlers. Ahnne visited each of the top hotels, including a peek at rooms and a quick tête-à-tête with the in-charge personnel.

BBRE Boracay Trip

Leisure Activities on Boracay

When the sun had set for the day, Ahnne and Kit took precious time to relax and revitalize, ready for the next day ahead. This preparation included leisurely strolling down White Beach and experiencing the restaurants and nightlife entertainment that Boracay is famous for.

One memorable crowd-drawing moment was when a popular local eatery took a moment from cooking and serving customers to entertain their crowd with a choreographed exhibition dancing to Maroon 5 (feat Christina Aguilera) song, Moves like Jagger.

After three days of visiting hotels and resorts, the team deserved some relaxation time. On the fourth day of the trip, the friends took their time to enjoy some of Boracay’s leisurely activities. They did the usual food hunting in the many restaurants and souvenir shopping at the D’Mall and D’Talipapa.

Ahnne enjoyed the “3S”—sun, sand, and sea—by laying herself on the soft sand of White Beach for a few shades of tan. While exploring and swimming appealed to Kit, whose experiences from other beaches in the country warranted him a reliable comment about Boracay’s lovely island.

“Boracay is beautiful because it offers everything travelers could look for: activities, food, shopping, accommodation—there are plenty of choices,” said Kit.

When asked about her thoughts about Boracay, Ahnne didn’t hesitate to reply: “When I first came to Boracay, I was enchanted—indeed the best beach! Then every year I come back, I always see changes, a lot more aside from swimming. I told myself that this island has a lot to offer so that I won’t tire coming back.”

Tips For Tourists On Boracay

Ahnne shares her top tip to tourists for where to stay:

      • Budget accommodation – When choosing hotels based on budget, she said that Faith Village Dormitory and Forest Hill Resort are best for smaller budgets.

Boracay On A 10K Budget

With a reliable background in Boracay travel, Boracay Beach Real Estate tips tourists that a budget between Php7,000 and Php10,000 is enough to enjoy the famous island’s attractions, activities, food, and shopping.

With this general budget, a couple can cover the following:

      • Promo airfare for Php4,000;
      • One-night hotel stay for Php1,500;
      • Airport transfer via Kalibo for Php1,890 (includes land, boat, and other fees);
      • Island hopping with snorkeling and buffet lunch for Php2,000 (optional snorkeling gear for Php40).

“It is best to check out sites for deals and promos,” suggests Kit.

When Is the Best Time To Visit Boracay?

Ahnne recommends that honeymooners and daters better go in December to avoid the big crowd, while summer is a high season when travelers can get into the real active vibe of Boracay island.